83-Year-Old Woman Went Missing, Then People Heard Cat’s Meowing Into Ravine

Nobody had seen Laura in a few days, and her neighbors were starting to worry about her. “We have to do everything we can to find her,” - one of her neighbors said, noticing that everyone was starting to lose hope.

The search party for Laura’s whereabouts began very early in the morning, but there were no signs of success yet. Then amid the chaos, they heard Laura’s cat meowing in the distance. They followed the cat, not realizing what a horrible truth they were about to find out.

A Beloved Figure

Laura was much beloved in her community – after all, she has been living in the same place for decades. She was born there and she grew up there. This was probably why all of her neighbors were quite fond of her.

The old lady always went with her day alongside her cat, Piran. She had adopted the cat a few years ago, and she said that it had been one of the best things she had ever done in her life. Little did Laura know how drastically this cat would change her life one day. 

The Elderly Woman

In reality, Laura was a bright and bubbly old lady. She was about 83 years old, and everybody in her neighborhood was quite fond of her. 

Laura has grown to be such a caring woman, and everybody in her neighborhood treated her as their grandmother. Her children had long moved out, and she was also a widower. So she enjoyed the time she had with her neighbors, and they looked after her in return.

A Quiet Life in Cornwall

Living in a place like Cornwall was a dream, and it was also a place filled with natural beauty. It was perfect for an old lady like Laura, and she had no plans of leaving. She always said, “I grew up in Cornwall, and I will most likely die here too.”

Her life was great, and her children visited her every once in a while, which was more than she could ever ask for. Either way, her neighbors were always there to check on her and ensure that she had everything she needed. Not only that, but she had a beautiful cat who always had her back.

Piran Was Her Bestfriend

She named her cat Piran, and they were inseparable from the moment that they met. It was a gift from one of her children so Laura could have some company. She thought that it was such a thoughtful gift, and she cared for Piran like it was her child.

Laura and Piran were such a beloved duo in Bodmin, and they always went on walks together. The old lady needed to do some exercise, so they always went on walks every single morning – this was a routine. However, this normal routine would somehow lead to Laura’s downfall…

An Ordinary Day

One day, Laura and Piran were about to head out for one of their daily walks. The old lady asked her cat, “Are you ready to go out? It’s getting quite bright outside, so we have to take advantage of the sun.” Piran simply gave her a loud meow.

The duo went outside and went about their day like they normally did. Some of their neighbors saw them, and they were greeted with such love and admiration. Although, something terrifying would happen to Laura later that day…

She Vanished Into Thin Air

Laura and Piran would usually head back home around lunchtime, but it was getting a bit later, and they still hadn’t returned. One of their neighbors said, “Maybe she went into the city proper for some errands.” This wasn’t something that Laura would’ve done, but they didn’t want to think of the worst.

Another neighbor suggested, “Maybe we should call her children if she still isn’t home later tonight.” They all agreed, and they went inside their homes to wait for news about the old lady. Laura wouldn’t have done something like this, so her neighbors started to worry about her whereabouts.

Who Saw Her Last?

Nobody could figure out where Laura went, and they couldn’t think of something that she would’ve done to be gone this long. The night ended, and the old lady hadn’t returned, so this caused such panic in her neighborhood. They had no idea where she was or whether she was safe.

One neighbor said, “Let’s call the police and see if they could do something to help us find that poor old woman.” So they called their local police station to see whether they could try and locate Laura and Piran. It had been such a terrifying experience, and all her neighbors wanted was for the old lady to be found.

Her Neighbors Began to Worry

It had already been two days since anybody last saw Laura, which had caused such alarm in Bodmin. She was a beloved figure in her neighborhood, and nobody wanted to think that something horrible had happened to the old lady. They tried to keep their hopes up, and they believed that they would find Laura in no time.

Some of their local policemen investigated around Laura’s home, and they talked to some of her neighbors. Nobody could think of anything or anyone who would want to harm the old lady. A woman said, “She was the best, and everybody just loved her.”

A Search Party

So when nobody could figure out where Laura must’ve gone, they decided to take matters into their own hands. Her neighbors formed a search party so their search for the missing lady would be a lot quicker. They trusted their local police, but Laura’s neighbors also wanted to do their part in finding her.

Nearly everybody in Bodmin took part in the search party, and they were all hopeful that they would find the old lady. They were trying to think of happy thoughts, but there was also some idea that they would find something terrible. A few hours into the search, some people heard a familiar sound…

An Unlikely Hero

In the middle of the night, Piran tried to escape from where Laura had been stuck. He could sense the distressing energy his owner had been giving off, and he knew he had to do something. Although, what could a cat even do to help its owner in such a horrifying situation?

Piran tried to find people who would listen to him, but it was nearly impossible. Everybody who came up to him only wanted to pet him, which wasn’t what he wanted. So will he find someone good enough to listen to him, and will he be able to save his owner in time?

Piran Had an Idea

By the time that her neighbors were nearing their location, Laura was way too tired to even scream. Under her breath, she was trying to muster all her courage to call for help. However, her old age was starting to show, and it was beginning to betray her.

So her cat was starting to sense her distress, and he had to take matters into his own hands. Piran got out of the place where Laura had been stuck, and he approached the people who participated in the search party. The neighbors knew who this cat was, and they were shocked to see him in this part of town.

Through a Ravine

Piran kept on meowing and approaching the people who participated in the search party – he knew exactly what he was doing. So when the neighbors finally realized what Piran was starting to say, they somehow knew that they were close to finding Laura. Although, where was the old lady?

Once the cat got everyone’s attention, he started moving towards a deep ravine. He kept on meowing, and it was at that moment that they realized that Laura was stuck there. One neighbor called, “Laura, are you there?”

The Lady Fell Off

Laura had gotten so weak – she hadn’t had food for two days, and she had been stuck in such a deep ravine. She had no idea whether she was hallucinating or whether there was actually someone calling her name. Then she heard it again, “Laura, if you’re alright, please answer us.”

Right then and there, Laura knew that help was on the way. So she gathered her strength and answered back, “Yes, I’m here. Please help me.” The neighbors who took part in the search party burst with joy at finding their beloved Laura.

She Was Soon Rescued

Some of the neighbors went to the police station to inform them of the missing lady’s whereabouts. Since the old lady fell into such a deep ravine, they couldn’t just get her out of there. Laura had to be airlifted into safety, so they called the Cornwall Air Ambulance for help.

Thankfully, the old lady was lifted into safety, and she was taken to the nearest hospital for treatment. She was 83 years old, so they knew there might be some serious complications. However, they were all happy that they found Laura in time and that she was now safe.

Her Neighbors Were in Shock

Just after finding Laura, her neighbors were still in quite a bit of shock. They had no idea what the old lady was doing in the woods and why she was near such a deep ravine. There were some speculations, but they weren’t really sure of what happened.

One of her neighbors said, “I’m just glad that we found Laura in time. Next time, we’re not letting her out of our sight.” Laura had such a loving neighborhood behind her, and these people were vital in finding her. Although, was Laura alright?

Getting Her to Safety

The policemen and the Cornwall Air Ambulance were all essential when it came to Laura’s rescue. If it weren’t for these teams, they had no idea how they could’ve rescued Laura. Then again, these teams were just doing their jobs, and they were more than happy to rescue such a loving old lady.

After her rescue, Laura was treated in the nearest hospital, and she was given some medicine to ease her pain. Her body was hurting, and it was normal because she fell into a deep hole. Although, the doctors were certain that she would be back to normal in no time.

It Was All Thanks to Piran

While the old lady was in the hospital, Piran was “adopted” by some of their neighbors. The cat had become such a beloved part of their community, and they were grateful that it led them to Laura’s location. He was given treats by everyone in Bodmin.

Even their local policemen were grateful for what Piran did, and they knew how vital his role was in his owner’s rescue. One policeman said, “If I had a cat like Piran, I wouldn’t be scared at all.” Everyone agreed, and everyone was grateful for Piran’s help.

The Old Lady Was Finally Stable

After a few days in the hospital, Laura was finally permitted to return home. She had not seen her beloved cat for the duration of her stay in the hospital, so she was eager to be reunited with Piran. After all, it was all thanks to him that she was rescued in the first place.

Upon returning home, Laura immediately gave Piran a kiss. She knew that her safety and her rescue were all thanks to her faithful cat. She lovingly said, “I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.”

All Pets Are Amazing

Laura and Piran’s relationship is a true testament that pets would do anything for their owners. To some, cats might just be normal animals, but to people like Laura, they’re like their own family.

Piran shows that if you’re treated right, a pet will do whatever it takes to protect its owners. Do you have someone like Piran in your life? If not, maybe it’s time to rethink your decisions and finally get a pet!