Boy Always Talks About Sitter, Mom Installs Camera

He Couldn't Stop

All week, he had been non-stop in his praise of her.

But his mother realized he was serious when he barged into the kitchen and handed her a piece of paper. He was unwilling to  give in. Although the "why" would be a tale that would touch the world, he was going to ask the girl to prom.

Adopting An Angel

While adoption isn’t usually the first thing on a couple’s mind, for Elissa Rogers, she was certain that it was the right path for her and her husband.

And from the first moment she set eye little Curtis, she knew he had to become part of their family. There was just an indescribable spark about him.

A Hard Choice

As the years passed, and Curtis blossomed into a vibrant young man, Elissa wondered how much of his personality and behavior came from their parenting versus an astounding, natural blessing. 

However, when her job changed and she couldn’t be with him after school, there was a monumental change she had to make. One she wasn’t looking forward to at all.

A Great Nanny

It broke her heart to spend time away from her son, but there was just no getting around it. They had to hire a nanny.

It seemed like forever – countless agencies and interviews – but eventually they found a decent match in a young girl named Rachel.


She would pick Curtis up after school, take him to his piano lessons, and then take him home to help him with his homework.

Elissa grinned at the puppy love her son had for the blonde high school student with a smile as bright at the sun. It was always “Rachel this” or “Rachel that.” However, after about a year, something changed.

Why So Glum?

The normal bright smile he had when he talked about her turned a little sad.

When Elissa asked why he had such a large frown, he sighed and said, “Rachel’s prom.” He proceeded to tell a story that dropped a bomb on Elissa’s heart. He wanted to go with her, but she couldn’t take him. He had been wracking his brains for weeks on how to make it happen.

Going The Extra Mile

Elissa felt tears form in the corner of her eyes – her son’s sadness was clear.

“Why don’t you get her a corsage?” she suggested. It would be a lovely gesture. But was like a huge light bulb had gone off in Curtis’ head. His eyes went wide, and he grabbed a paper and pen. After an hour, he proudly came back, and explained his elaborate plan.

Can’t Say No

Elissa looked over the list of demands.

There was no question as to what to do next. She would have to lend a hand. But first, she needed to set up her camera. And after three days of intense preparation, Curtis pulled out his large sign, jumped in the van, and vibrated with excitement.

Getting Ready

The surprise was simple.

Curtis waited outside Rachel’s school until he saw her round the corner. He jumped as high as he could and waved to get her attention. As soon as they locked eyes, he held up his homemade sign. The girl’s reaction was everything they had hoped for.

Asking Her Out

But what was Curtis’ elaborate plan?

Well, he was obviously close to Rachel, so when she mentioned her prom had been cancelled due to the spread of the virus, her sadness became his. His sign read, “Will you go to prom with me?” But that wasn’t the end of it.

Dressing Up

It wasn’t just a heartfelt invitation.

Elissa’s precious boy had gone as far as to pick out a nice suit, ask her to put on the dress she had planned on wearing and come to their house. That was phase one. Phase two was even better.

Backyard Yummies

With the help of his parents Curtis set up a long table in the back yard and arranged a dinner with all his nanny’s favorite food.

Next was dancing. And even with social distancing, Elissa little man had conquered the separation with flying colors. He had carefully measured and laid down string that morning and got a pool tube that was the right length.

Boogey Down

He beamed a huge smile at Rachel, pressed play on his iPad and streamed music he knew she would like. All they had to do was boogey while holding the foam noodle.

Elissa and her husband held the camera and filed the entire thing. It felt like their hearts were going to explode from happiness. But what would the world think?

The Perfect Prom

After their prom ended, and Rachel left for home looking as bright as a summer’s day, Elissa quickly posted the event on social media.

It was no surprise that people would love the adorable gesture, but she had no idea it would go insanely viral – even reaching news outlets.

Loved By All

Elissa felt the same thing she had felt on the first day she had seen Curtis as a baby. She knew he was special.

His heartfelt act just reinforced how amazing he really was. And he certainly set the bar much higher for every boy on the face of the earth!

A Kind Soul

As Elissa was posting the beautiful pictures of the day, she sat and thought about her little boy. She had adopted him when he was just a handheld baby, and today he had grown into an essential part of their family.

The doting mother remembered the feeling when she first brought him home. Not many people knew that she had trouble conceiving. 

A Mothers Love

She suffered from Polycystic Ovaries it was difficult for her to fall pregnant. She and her husband had spent the last six years doing IVF treatments, which all failed. She felt like a failure of a woman until she saw little Curtis.

He wanted her. He needed her and made her feel special. She actually needed him more than he did.

A Real Son

He was only seven years old, so young, but he had such a big heart. Elissa thought of all the wonderful, thoughtful things he used to do as a little boy.

He was always so helpful around the house, he was always so polite, and he never complained about anything. He was the perfect child.

My Famous Son

Just then, her phone started going off. Ping, Ping! Ping. Her social media was going crazy. Everyone was totally besotted with her son's pictures. "What a sweet boy", "She's got the hottest date at the dance," and "lucky little boy" was some of the most popular comments.

Elissa smiled as she read them. This little boy had brought so much joy into her life.

A Loving Relationship

While Elissa was responding to the comments, Curtis walked into the lounge. "Mom, can you please send me some pictures of today? He politely asked. "Sure, honey, come see which ones you like," she replied and patted the couch next to her.

Curtis sat next to his mother and started scrolling through the pictures eagerly.

Prom Photos

The little charmer smiled and gigged while he looked at the lovely pictures. "I like this one the best," he said and pointed to a picture of him and Rachel sitting together, smiling widely. "That's a great one!" his mom said, "Is it your favorite?" "Yes, it is; we look really happy here, mom," he said.

Elissa beamed at her little boy," then this is the one we will enlarge and frame."

A Special Moment

The little boy smiled and said, "Rachel is going to love it, mom; thank you so much for making today so special. Elissa hugged her son tightly. She loved him more than ever right now.

Even though he was only seven and had a lot of growing up to do, she never wanted this moment to end; she didn't want him to grow up.

A Happy Chappy

Elissa wiped her tears and said to Curtis, "Look, you're famous." Curtis grinned widely and grabbed her cell phone. "Where lemme see," he said

His eyes brightly scaled the screen for his favorite comments. He let out a little giggle. "A lot of people say I'm lucky because Rachel is so pretty and I'm so small," he laughed hard. Elissa laughed with him.

The Happy Family

Just then, his father came into the room. "What's all the fun about? " he asked and sat down. Elissa showed him the comments, and her husband smiled in understanding.

"We have a little Casanova here? Whadya say, Curtis? You have a girlfriend ten years older than you are," he dad teased. "Daaaaadddd! Come on! Stop it

Shy Guy

Curtis squealed; she's not my girlfriend." I'm just kidding, son," his dad said and playfully pulled his hair. "So tell me, what gave you the idea to ask Rachel in the first place?"

The little boy looked down at his hands and took a deep breath. He looked like he had something important to say.

The Story

"One day last year, Rachel wasn't her usual self when she came to babysit. Even though she played with me and gave me ice cream after dinner, I could see she was sad. "I hope you didn't bother her that day?" his mom asked him. He shook his head in the negative.

"So, I overheard her talking to her best friend on the phone that she and her family were going through some problems. She said she doesn't think she will go to prom because her father lost her job," Curtis said, his little eyes filled with sincerity.

A Touching Tale

Elissa gasped. She didn't know this. Rachel had been babysitting for six years, and she never mentioned anything. She felt bad that she never picked up on the babysitter's moods or depression.

"You are such a considerate lad," his father said and hugged the boy. His mother wiped her tears and said, "So, you actually put some thought into this," she cried.

Proud Parents

"The idea came to me when she came over to babysit last month and said that their school prom was canceled" His mother shook her head in acknowledgment. "So I thought, why not bring the prom to her." Rachel has always been so kind to me; I think she knows me better than anyone else.

The little boy grinned. "She certainly had a great time, and you definitely made her day," his mother said.

Love All Around

"I just hope she knows how much we all love her," Curtis said and threw his arms around his parents. Just then, the doorbell rang. It was the local florist with a beautiful floral arrangement and a chocolate basket.

I wonder who this could be, Elissa said. "I think it's for me," Curtis said and excitedly ran to the door.

A Special Thank You

Curtis could see the beautiful gifts peaking through the glass of the front door. He opened the door and greeted the deliveryman. He was right." Look, look, there's a card," he excitedly told his mother as he put his chocolate basket down. It read. "Dear Curtis, Thank you for taking me to the prom. You are my hero. Love you always, Rachel."

Curtis was ecstatic. He immediately placed his card on the mantlepiece and started sharing some sweet treats with his parents.

To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.