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69 Perfectly Timed Photos in Sports

Sure, when it comes to sports it’s all about the team playing, the performances, the pride and of course the sense of victory. But we can’t help ignore the fact that sports have also provided us with some of the best moments, be it intentional or not, that were ever captured on camera, after all, it’s all about timing. When looking at these photos, it might take you a few seconds to figure out what went wrong and some might even get you wondering if they were staged or not. One thing for sure is that if the people in the picture knew they were being photographed at that exact moment, they would have acted entirely differently. This is our countdown of the best, simply priceless 69 timed photos.

Hanky Yankee

Did A-Rod just invent the Flying Bat move? There’s no doubt that the famous Baseball team knows how to work its magic, but who would have thought they would want to show off their new hobby on the field? right in the middle of a game?

Source: Kiwi Report


It’s probably a good idea to face your fears before you choose a sport you are passionate about. It seems like this player is way too afraid of the ball to be playing.

Source: Kiwi Report

We Got Your Back

There’s nothing like a friendly bicycle ride between a couple of bikers. These guys are so supportive of one another and they’ll always have each other’s back even when one of them needs to go in the middle of the ride.

Source: Kiwi Report

Super MotorcycleMan

Is it a bird? a plane? No, it’s the poor motorcyclist who lost control and pretty much flew off his bike looking like a superhero.

Source: Kiwi Report

Mouth Watering

These synchronized water dancers must feel very comfortable with each other, so comfortable that it looks like one of them is sticking her finger down the other girl’s throat. The water coming out of their mouths doesn’t really help the association a person gets from looking at the picture.

Source: Kiwi Report

Curve Ball

More like curve hand! what’s going on with this pitcher’s hand? We understand that he wanted to throw the ball a certain way, but by the look on his face, this pitch is either extremely painful or he just realized that he needs a chiropractor on the field ASAP.

Source: Kiwi Report

The Ball Is In Her Hands

Now that’s one soccer move we’re not quite familiar with. She must have literally been thrown back by that ball coming her way.

Source: Kiwi Report

A Face Lift

Now we understand why all British gymnasts don’t need to money on botox or facelift! They just use their hands to lift up their face when they hang down from the bar. Smart.

Source: Kiwi Report

Is That Mine?

Gymnastics is known to be a very flexible sport that involves the use of many different body parts and muscles. But with all that flexibility and plasticity body parts could seem like they were misplaced during an exercise so we can totally understand that gymnast below looking at her foot wondering if it belongs to her.

Source: Kiwi Report

Horse Back Falling

A horseback rider falling off his horse must be very tired of the repeated old saying that he should ‘get back on the horse’. What can the poor guy do that he just keeps flying off?

Source: Kiwi Report

Put Your Right Hand In

This defensive wall is all over the place, with each player literally pulling to a different direction. Not sure why the player on the left side decided to pull his teammate’s shorts, but hey, whatever works in order to stop the ball from going inside the net.

Source: Kiwi Report

The Invisible Man

Talk about timing and capturing the moment to make a picture perfect. That must have been quite a hit! the player in the blue uniform is probably still getting over this one as the hit was so strong that his helmet flew off. Where’s his head by the way?

Source: Kiwi Report

Basic Instinct

Talk about a save. This boy who was probably too busy with his phone that he didn’t see that bat flying straight to his face. He really has this guy in his right to thank for saving his life.

Source: Kiwi Report

Disc-oh no

Now that’s creative, using a hockey disc to pretend to have a clown’s nose. Oh wait, that’s just the ice hockey player not sure how to react when he realizes a disc is flying straight to his face.

Source: Kiwi Report

The Runny Pose

It sure does get cold inside that ice skating rink, so we could excuse this poor skater who had a runny nose during her performance.

Source: Kiwi Report

Clown Face

We’re not sure if this is a part of their dance or whether synchronized water dancing is just a very competitive sport, but these two dancers pulling each other’s dresses does seem a bit catty of them.

Source: Kiwi Report


Dennis Rodman had gone to great lengths during his lifetime to pursue different things, so it’s no surprise that he will basically fly if he had to just to catch a ball.

Source: Kiwi Report


Or should we say playing triplets? we can’t pinpoint what is so perfectly timed about this photo, but perhaps it’s the combination of the colors (the yellow shirt and the yellow tennis ball) and the fact that the ball is positioned right in the middle of this player’s chest “aerial” line.

Source: Kiwi Report

Over the Moon


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