6 Tips On How To Go About Online Thrift Shopping

Do's And Don'ts Of Thrift Shopping

Whether you are concerned about climate change and want to limit your carbon footprints, or you want to save a few bucks while remaining fashionable, thrifting is the answer to all of your worries. Add in the current dilemma of pandemic we have another solution, online thrift stores. The 2020s have seen a steady increase in the number of online thrift shops. From steep discounts on designer products to one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, thrift shops have it all. And what’s better than having it delivered right to your door. But even this could be overwhelming with so many options to go through. Finding the right piece for yourself out of hundreds of selections can be daunting. With that, there is always the issue of will the item match what you saw online? So many questions! Don’t worry. Here’s a list of some do’s and don’ts which will ease you into thrift shopping online. 1. Know Your Size Clothing sizes vary greatly from brand to brand, and this is especially true when it comes to vintage sizes. When shopping online, use a measuring tape to take your measures ahead of time and save them in a note on your phone. This speeds up the process of filtering and searching for exactly what you're looking for. Still unsure? Choose a larger size—tailoring a large piece of clothing is easier than enlarging a small one. 2. Make A List Of Shops And Brands You Love If you're going luxury vintage shopping, it's extremely crucial to research the brand and its history before making a purchase. Learn a little more about the symbols the brand use. Many manufacturers, for example, label their items according to the year and season. This will assist you in locating genuine luxury vintage things for your collection. Well, this was about the brands. Bookmark two or more platforms that you are familiar with. This allows you to cross-check listings for quality and pricing when looking for anything specific. 3. Make A Budget And Stick To It Before you enter auction sites, make a budget. Don't get excited about finding your dream dress and end up paying with a tooth and a leg. There are plenty of shops, and you will get another opportunity. Some resale sites give you a discount on your first purchase and then extend deals and coupons to you as you shop. Smart thinking is really important here and it also applies to cheap shopping too. If you make a hasty purchase of something you're not quite sure about, you risk filling your closet with unnecessary stuff that you'll discard after a while. This defeats the purpose of choosing sustainable fashion. 4. Always Check If There Is A Return Policy Reread the return policy before you enter your payment information. It varies by seller, and some platforms charge a restocking fee, which can add up if you return products frequently. If the return option is not available you can set up a selling account and sell it yourself too. 5. Don’t Be Shy, Ask Questions It goes without saying that you should ask as many questions regarding the thing you're purchasing as you can before finalizing the purchase. This is also useful in sorting out any fraudulent websites or crooks. Ask about the brand, where it was sourced from, how it was sourced, and whether or not it was repaired after being sourced. Don't be scared of asking for pictures of the item from different angles. This will allow you to check the product for flaws before purchasing it. Apart from damage, you should inspect the merchandise for hygiene, especially if it is a clothing item. 6. Manage Your Time While it might save you a lot of money and possibly the environment, thrifting can take a lot of time. It might take time to conduct a thorough study on the brand and filter through things to identify those that you truly require. To ease the process, use saved searches and keyword notifications. This will also serve to remind you of what you're searching for, preventing you from becoming distracted by impulsive shopping. Keep a mood board or a list of requirements and wishes available to help you stay focused.