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50 Times People Hilariously Got What Was Coming to Them

7. The New Guy

At work I’m kind of the Google Sheets ‘expert’ and I make lots of tools for different departments to use. Enter ‘new guy’ who needed to collect, aggregate and display a bunch of data. My boss was like, ‘Send Wish a calendar invite so you can tell her what you want and she’ll set it up for you.’ 

New Guy was having none of that and insisted he was going to do it himself.

Well, a week later, he finally has this crappy sheet that doesn’t have half the information we need, and we have to have the numbers for the State by tomorrow. So my boss asks me to fix it and new guy is like, ‘Yeah, okay, that’s not really possible. This is as good as it’s going to get!’

Two hours later, I send them both a fully functional and automated sheet that does everything we need, and we’ll be able to use it indefinitely, which means next time (and every time) the stupid state report is due, it will already be done.

New Guy was like, ‘I would have added that in if I’d had more time.’”



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