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50 Times People Hilariously Got What Was Coming to Them

5. Bowling for Beers in Baltimore

“We (me, brother and best friend) were in Baltimore for a baseball weekend in 2009 and hanging out at a bar across from Camden Yards. They had a Silver Strike bowling video game. 

At our local bar back in Boston. we had one as well. I’m decent at the game but my brother and buddy were amazing at this game; bowling 300 games and whatnot. 

So two dudes are playing this game and drinking. We ask them if we can play when they’re done. They ask if we want to play them. We said ‘sure.’ My brother and buddy destroy these guys. Like it wasn’t even close. These dudes said it was a fluke and they wanted a rematch but this time for a round of beers. Again, annihilation city. But they kept wanting to play, to eventually win a game. 

No lie, after THIRTEEN ROUNDS OF BEERS they finally gave up. They were great guys. We saw them the next day at the same bar and they walked up to us with beers in hand already and said ‘rematch.’ To this day, we still hang out with them whenever we go to Baltimore. And to this day, they have never won.”



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