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50 Times People Hilariously Got What Was Coming to Them

48. Got ‘Em

“There was this game called ‘Crossfire.’ It’s an FPS game that’s still around I think.

Back in high school, this one kid wanted to play me 1v1 because he heard I was good at it from what my friends said. He talked a big game and had a pretty good k/d from his public games.

We played and I beat him with a pistol only. In this game, you start with weapons so there’s no economy in it. So he’d always have his main weapon every round.

He didn’t know that I was on the #1 team in Canada, LifeLine, and was the #1 sniper in N.A. at the time. I was playing against top teams all over the world at that time and would regularly play pick-up games with top players daily.

The next day he pretty much found me and asked me to teach him. I basically told him to play more 5v5 scrims and pick up games with and against better people. And to focus on things like crosshair placement, entering open areas on angles, and using angles to your advantage whenever possible.

He never played again. I don’t think he realized there were levels to the game. And that rank meant nothing there, there were amazingly good people with super low-level accounts because all they did was play pick-up games and scrims.” 



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