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50 Times People Hilariously Got What Was Coming to Them

45. “Je Ne Parle Pas Anglais”

“I live in Northern Vermont so we have a ton of tourism from French-speaking Canadians coming down from various parts of Quebec. 

I am a bilingual American and I hold two degrees in French, the Master’s being in North American (Quebecois) language and literature. 

While bartending one day, a customer from Quebec tried to pay her bill in Canadian money, which is about .73 cents to the American dollar. The Canadian bills didn’t even add up to the bill total If the two currencies were on par. So I politely explained all of this in English when she starts replying in French that she doesn’t speak English. 

To the delight of my entire bar crowd, I then politely but forcibly explain all of this in perfect Quebecois French. Her face at that moment is almost (almost) worth the pain I feel every month paying back my student loans.”



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