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50 Times People Hilariously Got What Was Coming to Them

41. The Kid Was Putting a Roof Over Their Heads

“I had a rough childhood with an addict for a father. My mom struggled to make ends meet and my first job was paying for the mortgage. 

After several months of working (again at my first job), I finally had some money to spend on myself and decided to get a computer and a decent internet connection. At the time, the best internet I could buy was part of a dish combo package. I bought a dish and brought it home to install on the house. 

During this time, my dad was still living at home with us but he was hardly there and my parents had all but separated at that point. My dad promptly asked me what I was doing putting a dish on his house. I let him know that I pay the mortgage now and I make the decisions on what we do with the house.

I was young but it was a very empowering moment for me.”



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