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50 Times People Hilariously Got What Was Coming to Them

36. Taught Him a Real Lesson That Day

“I know a big high school bully who thought it would be funny to punch this male teacher in the teacher’s back when the teacher was walking in front of the bully.

He picked the WRONG teacher. Teacher instinctively reacted and punched the bully back. Bully went down hard.

Bully got suspended and nothing else happened to him or the teacher.

About eight years later, the bully came back to the high school and asked to talk with the teacher. He actually THANKED the teacher for what happened that day.

Bully said to the teacher that that punch completely changed the course of his life. He was running with a rough crowd and thought he was big and bad. He thought nothing of beating people up. After the incident and getting punched by the teacher, he realized that he underestimated how quickly things change when you go up against the wrong guy.

He completely changed how he approached the world, got out of trouble, got a good job, and was about to get married. And he credits that incident with changing the course of his life: punching the wrong person.”



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