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50 Times People Hilariously Got What Was Coming to Them

33. At Least He Took It Like a Champ

“I have studied memorization techniques and mnemonics. I decided to have a bit of fun with my teacher.

He wanted us to write down a list of 20 items. He was the type of guy to quickly call you out for not paying attention in class. I sat there memorizing the list in my head (knowing full-well he would see me not writing anything down). 

He chewed me out for not taking notes–as predicted. He took the bait. I said, ‘I have it all in my head.’ I KNEW he would call me out the next day and have me recite the list.

The next day he turns to me in the middle of his lecture and has the biggest smile. 

‘So RollerDerby88, what were those items from yesterday?’ he smugly asked. 

I immediately proceeded to list them in order without hesitation. Then listed them backward. His smile grew bigger and bigger and the rest of the class was cracking up!”



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