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50 Times People Hilariously Got What Was Coming to Them

32. She Has a Lot of Mansplaining in Her Life

“I’m a female mechanical engineer and I often get people working at Lowe’s, car shops, car dealerships, etc that like to talk down to me or like I don’t understand basic concepts.

For instance, a guy at Lowe’s swore up and down that bolt threading and pipe threading were the same thing.

Another guy swore there were no diamond-tipped hole saws and tried to sell me a Dremel for the same job. I then found one in the tile section.

I’ve had mechanics swear up and down that the air filter in my car needed to be changed when I had just changed it weeks before and my filter is circular and not square like the one they brought out to me.

The best are the car salesmen though because they don’t seem to really care about my opinion, especially if my husband is there. I’m usually the car-buying decision maker, although my husband knows a ton about cars, so they try to sell to him.

It’s always hilarious. I usually just let them talk and clarify later with my husband, I’m not out to embarrass anybody.”



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