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50 Times People Hilariously Got What Was Coming to Them

31. Nothing Wrong With Showing a Kid Up

“I (38F) am a government auditor. One of the programs I oversee is a sort of boarding school for teens with a delinquency history; it’s very athletics-heavy.

I’ve put on like 30 pounds of body fat since getting this mostly sedentary job and drifting into bad nutrition habits. But I’m meaty underneath and above-average strong. 

Prior to this job, I had a side gig as a personal trainer and posing coach. At the program one day, I needed to interview a student who didn’t want to leave his weightlifting class. He told me he’d talk to me if I could deadlift the bar he was working with, like 90kg. The staff was visibly annoyed that this guy was giving the state a hard time, but I was wearing stretchy pants so I gave it a quick setup and pull. 

The interview followed and now it’s an ongoing joke at the program that when I ask for interviews, they ask if I need chalk or anything for the mandatory deadlift.”



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