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50 Times People Hilariously Got What Was Coming to Them

28. You Never Know Who’s Watching

“I was waiting to put in at a boat ramp in Florida one day. It was a single ramp. The guy trying to take his boat out of the water was having a tough time backing his trailer down. His wife (I assume) and two kids were waiting on the dock.

Some a-hole waiting to get out of the water starts screaming at him and heckling him. The first guy finally gets his trailer down the ramp, meanwhile, the raging a-hole had docked his boat and started up the dock towards the poor boating newbie family guy screaming and yelling. 

Raging a-hole punches family guy and knocks him off the dock into the water.

Two burly dudes that nobody was really paying attention to walked up, literally grab raging a-hole as family guy was falling in the water, throw him on the dock and handcuff him, then flashed their FL DNR badges. They were undercover watching the boat ramp.

There was applause and cheering from the folks waiting to put in and take out. 

Family guy just wants to get out there and go home, so he declines to press charges. The DNR guys apparently thought ‘aw hell’s no,’ proceed to tear the guy’s boat and car apart and ended up charging him with a BUI and every single nitpicky thing they could find wrong his boat.

It was a good day.”



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