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50 Times People Hilariously Got What Was Coming to Them

17. She Knew How To Play to a “T”

“I dated a guy in college who was incredibly book smart–working on his master’s with the intention to pursue a Ph.D. I was doing the good ole five-year plan for college and quite content with my level of brain power compared to his. 

What he underestimated was my fondness for word games, especially Scrabble. I like to think I’m quite good. Well, in the three years we dated, we only played Scrabble once and I beat the crap out of him. The icing on the cake was when I got a 50+ word score for playing one letter. 

He literally wiped all the letters off the board and had a mini hissy fit, claiming that I cheated. I got out my trusty Scrabble dictionary and proved his loss.”


18. Head of the Class

“Just graduated as a teacher and I’ve been working as a Casual Relief Teacher. I play lacrosse which is a small sport already and even smaller here in Australia. I tried out for the last World Cup team and made it to the final cut.

I was team-teaching with another teacher who worked at the school. Before the period, he spoke to me and said ‘hey mate, we are doing lacrosse today. It’s a bit of an odd sport and hard to teach so just wait over there and then you can just help with supervision and discipline.’ then walked off.

Being a CRT from an agency, I didn’t really know how to speak to him/speak up. I tried to speak to him and say that I played but he didn’t give me a second so I just listened and did my thing. 

Few minutes into the start of the lesson, I grabbed a stick and ball and just started to work my way around the class giving them pointers and hints.

The way he was teaching was completely incorrect and I didn’t want to say anything so when the kids broke off into groups, I kinda just taught them correctly.

He pulled me over at a drinks break and asked how I knew so much and was good at performing the skills. I told him how I play lacrosse and my playing history. He asked why I didn’t speak up and say anything and I said I tried to tell him.

Anyway, I ended up running the rest of the class and even ended up sitting down with him and going through the correct and easier way to teach the game and skills.”



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