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50 Times People Hilariously Got What Was Coming to Them

12. “Old Money Sport”

“(For reference, this is clay pigeon shooting, kinda known as trap in the south.) 

Well, I’m from a rural area and not exactly super ‘southern’ so when I’d go to other trap fields to practice different conditions, there’s always be a smartass or two try and place a bet with me. 

This is definitely an old-money sport with some of the guns going upwards of 5,000 dollars. I had an old BT-100 that we got in a trade for lead shot and some cash on the side, while not cheap, it was still much lower than other people’s guns and people would take that as me being a newbie. 

They’d learn pretty quickly though since the team I was on went to the Nationals almost every year from 11 to 18. It was always funny because some would be good sports but others would throw an absolute fit. I saw a guy damage a 10,000 Perazzi because someone else beat him before. 

Even funnier part is there was a guy from the county next to us who could blow us out of the water and he always shot with an 870 pump from Walmart.

Edit: Glossary: BT100: Browning trap model 100, famous for its dropout trigger that can be replaced and repaired very quickly. Lead shot: The actual lead balls that are in shotgun shells, we made them from wheel weights. Nationals: I started going when it was in Vandalia, Ohio. 

it ;ater changed to Sparta, IL. Imagine about 2 miles of trap ranges in a row. Perazzi: Famous Italian shotgun, good but expensive. 870 pump: Remington Model 870 Pump Shotgun, the stereotypical pump shotgun, it’s good.”



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