The 36 Best Ways To Burn The Most Calories In An Hour

36. Hatha yoga | 228 calories/hour

There's a lot that goes into developing an exercise regimen — meeting your body's needs, finding something you enjoy, and figuring out what will have enough impact to make a difference to your health. If you're crunched for time, one of the ways to measure that is to figure out how much energy a particular exercise expends in the time you actually do it.

In other words, how many calories does it burn? Here are some of the most sure and time savvy methods!

35. A slow walk | 255 calories/hour

Hatha yoga, a version of the exercise practice centered on holding specific poses, sits at the bottom of this list, burning an average of about 228 calories per hour in a 200-pound person.

Next up: going for a stroll. For every hour walked at 2 mph, a 200-pound person burns 255 calories.

34. Bowling | 273 calories/hour

Also it is god to get your mind off of your busy day

Bowling burns 273 calories per hour.

33. Ballroom dancing | 273 calories/hour

This one can easily be done with friends on any night of the week, making it easier to get your calorie burn in.

32. Tai Chi | 273 calories/hour

Though you may not be a pro, taking a class on ballroom dancing can be very beneficial to your health and counts as a workout!

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art and form of exercise, often practiced with slow, deliberate movements.

31. Canoeing | 319 calories/hour

Almost anyone can do this.

Next up: canoeing.

30. Slow, easy cycling | 364 calories/hour

A leisurely paddle down a river will burn 319 calories in an hour for a 200-pound person.

Leisure cycling, defined as a pace under 10 mph, burns about 364 calories per hour in a 200-pound person.

29. Volleyball | 364 calories/hour

The same is true for a typical (though probably not Olympic) game of volleyball, or the movement-based, intensive "power" yoga.

Don't worry, you do not need to be an Olympian to get out and do this one.

28. Power yoga | 364 calories/hour

Playing a game on the beach with some friends can be great for you and your health!

Power yoga, or vinyasa, is a more movement-centered exercise practice than hatha.

27. Golfing (and carrying your clubs) | 391 calories/hour

There are some beginner classes you can take for this more intense form of yogo,

26. Downhill skiing | 391 calories/hour

We are sure President Obama uses a golf cart, but if you golf, carry your own clubs around the course, and if you weigh 200 pounds you can expect to burn 391 calories per hour.

25. A brisk walk | 391 calories/hour

Make sure you go on the bunny slopes if you do not do ski often but getting out there and trying for an hour will burn a good amount of calories.

Walking a little faster than a slow walk will burn even more calories.

24. Low-impact aerobics | 455 calories/hour

Not quite running, but not yet running can be really good for you.

Low-impact aerobics burn about 455 calories per hour in a 200-pound person. This one is good if you cannot lift weights or just do not like to.

23. 'Running' on the elliptical | 455 calories/hour

There is not much room for injury but you will burn a good amount of calories.

If you do not like running, a good alternative is the elliptical.

22. Resistance training/weightlifting | 455 calories/hour

Spend an hour on this machine and you will burn a good amount of calories.

Lifting weights is extremely beneficial to burning calories.

21. Baseball/softball | 455 calories/hour

Not only will you build muscle, but you will be dropping a lot of calories.

There are a lot of different motions in baseball from batting, throwing, and running.

20. Water aerobics | 501 calories/hour

Baseball and softball games typically go for at least a couple hours so you could really burn a lot of calories.

Edging out the first major sport on this list: water aerobics.

19. Light or moderate lap swimming | 528 calories/hour

The pool exercise can burn as many as 501 calories per hour in a 200-pound person.

Swim light or moderate laps in a pool, and a 200-pound person can burn 528 calories per hour.

18. Hiking | 546 calories/hour

Swimming is also a great workout and can build muscle.

Hiking burns about 546 calories per hour in a 200 pound person.

17. Rowing on a machine | 546 calories/hour

Almost anyone can do it and there all different types of hikes that can more or less difficult.

16. Water skiing | 546 calories/hour

If you're busy all the time like Frank Underwood is from 'House of Cards,' you can find time to hop on the rowing machine and really burn a lot of calories.

Water Skiing is not for everyone. It takes time to learn and can be rough on you falling down.

15. Cross-country skiing | 619 calories/hour

With that said, you can really shed some calories.

Cross-country skiing is even more rigorous, burning 619 calories per hour in a 200-pound person.

14. Backpacking | 637 calories/hour

You have to have thick skin to make through an hour of this!

Want to burn even more? Go backpacking.

13. Ice skating | 637 calories/hour

Like ice skating and racquetball, a 200-pound person will use about 637 calories per hour on a hike with a heavy backpack.

If you're not a pro, be careful doing this one!

12. Racquetball | 637 calories/hour

Ice skating can be difficult and thus burning a lot of calories if done for an hour.

This game can become very fast paced and get you moving a lot!

11. High-impact aerobics | 664 calories/hour

you'll be sweating at the end of an hour of doing this!

High-impact aerobics can use 664 calories per hour.

10. Rollerblading | 683 calories/hour

It is a bit more intense than low-impact but much more rewarding.

Rollerblading is intense, burning 683 calories per hour.

9. A game of basketball | 728 calories/hour

Make sure to wear pads if you do this one!

A basketball game, touch or flag football, and singles tennis all offer great exercise, burning about 728 calories per hour in a 200-pound person.

8. Flag football | 728 calories/hour

Basketball is easier to get a full game than most other major sports.

Flag football is football that almost anyone can play. The tough part is getting enough people to do so.

7. Tennis, singles | 728 calories/hour

If you're able to get out there, expect to break a sweat!

Tennis games can be extraneous and really get a sweat going.

6. Running 5 mph | 755 calories/hour

A full game of tennis can take hours, thus leading to large amounts of calories to be shed off.

A moderate 5-mph run will burn about 755 calories per hour in a 200-pound person.

5. Running up stairs | 819 calories/hour

If you're able to get the full hour in running at that speed, you'll burn a lot.

4. Vigorous swimming | 892 calories/hour

Run up a StairMaster (or up a particularly long flight of stairs), and a 200-pound person will burn 819 calories per hour.

"Vigorous" swimming is even better, churning through 892 calories per hour.

3. Taekwondo | 937 calories/hour

You'll burn a lot of calories and build some muscle along the way!

Taekwondo is the most intense competitive sport on this list, burning 937 calories per hour in a 200-pound person.

2. Jump rope | 1,074 calories/hour

Not only will you burn calories, but you will also learn how to fight.

Jumping rope actually tied for number one on our list.

It is a very simple activity but it really gets your body working.