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30-Years-Old Mystery of Garfield Phones Washing Ashore Finally Gets Solved

Walking on the beach is a nice way to relax and get a suntan at the same time. Although, one of the best things about going to the beach is that you never know what mysterious item might wash up ashore. Everyone hopes of finding a pearl that will make them rich overnight but what appeared on the beach of a small French town left everyone in shock. Hundreds of bright-orange Garfield phones started washing ashore and no one knew where they came from.

Water pollution is at an all-time worst. Every beach you go to is filled with plastics and the problem here is that the marine life is the one that suffers the most. To make things even worse, plastics need somewhere around 400 years in order to degrade.

There is a specific beach in France where lots of Garfield phones appear on shore every morning. No one knows where these phones are coming from but what’s really intriguing is that this has been happening for the last three decades!

Everyone who lives in the small French city knows about the Garfield phones. This is a local mystery and no one can figure out where they come from. To make things even more interesting, the supply of Garfield phones doesn’t seem to end.

One popular theory created by the locals is that a big ship dropped a contained holding this kind of phones and that they sunk. However, there is a flaw in this theory. There are no records to show that any ship has ever dropped a container close to the beach.

The locals are doing their best to clean the beach and gather the Garfield phones every morning, but they need to find the secret behind this mystery. This has been going on for more than 30 years and luckily, this grabbed the attention of a special trash-collecting group.

The trash-collecting group Ar Viltansoù heard about the problem with the Garfield phones and since their primary goal is to clean all beaches from France and to make the water safer for the marine life, the people who work in the group knew that they had to find the source of these Garfield phones and put an end to the mystery.

The trash-collecting group did their best to clean up the beach and after working hard for a couple of days, a new batch of Garfield phones washed ashore. This made it clear to them, they needed to elucidate this mystery if they ever wanted to clean the beach.

The Ar Viltansoù group started talking with the locals but to no avail. No one had any idea where the Garfield phones were coming from and this frustrated the trash-collecting group, especially since the police also didn’t know anything.

One day, the Ar Viltansoù group receives a call from a local fisherman. The fishermen told them that something strange was happening in the water. Even though the trash-collectors weren’t interested at first, this was the tip that would help them discover the source of the Garfield phones.

The local fisherman spotted a couple of dolphins getting stranded. This was quite unusual since they don’t have any business on the beach during this time of the year. While talking to him, the people who work for the Ar Viltansoù group started asking the fisherman questions about other strange things that he saw.

The fisherman sat everyone down and told them an old story that took place when he was 20-years-old. The fisherman said that a massive storm came and wrecked everything in its path, including a couple of ships which carried containers. The trash-collectors knew that they found the right man!

The trash-collectors couldn’t believe what they were hearing. The fisherman told them that a storm struck the beach and a big ship lost a couple of containers. Not just that, but the fisherman knew their exact location! Could this be the source of the Garfield phones?

The fisherman told the trash-collectors that he and his brother discovered a couple of the lost containers days after the giant storm hit. He was looking for precious items to sell. This made it loud and clear, the trash-collectors had to visit the location that the fisherman was talking about.

The strange thing about the fisherman’s story is that he said the lost containers are located in a hidden cave. Even though this made his story seem like a lie, the Ar Viltansoù trash-collectors were determined to find out the truth.

The trash-collectors were in awe! The cave that the fisherman talked about was actually there. Getting inside the cave was a risky mission, but this didn’t matter anymore.

They couldn’t believe this. The fisherman didn’t lie and a couple of lost containers were in fact hiding inside the secret cave. All that was left now as to find the container that held the Garfield phones.

The Ar Viltansoù trash-collectors found the container that held the Garfield phones. The 30-years-old mystery was solved and they couldn’t be any happier.

We should note that the trash-collectors found other interesting things and not just the Garfield phones. They discovered lots of other malfunctioning electronics such as TVs and toys.

Now that the mystery was solved, the only thing that the Ar Viltansoù group had to do was to clean up. They called in the police to bring a special ship and take the container out of the cave. The beach was finally going to be clean.

We have to give praise to the thrash-collectors who work for the Ar Viltansoù group. They never gave up until they could find the source of the Garfield phones and accomplish their mission of cleaning up the beach.


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