30+ Animals That Totally Look Like Celebrities

Dog Looks Like Putin

If you haven't met your doppelganger yet, maybe you've been looking in the wrong places. Some lucky celebrities, for example, have found their doubles...in the animal kingdom.
The similarities are striking! Of course, their adorable look-alikes might be a tiny bit too furry to step in their shoes when needed. But hey, who knows?

Times are ruff. A man in Ukraine has found a canine whose piercing gaze is strangely reminiscent of President Vladimir Putin's.
The dog, found in central Kiev and first reported by the website Obozrevatel.com, is thought to be a mix between a Staffordshire terrier and a German shepherd.
The canine even appears dressed to be a head of state, with  white markings on its chest seemingly  forming a furry tie.
Further details about the dog — and the man who found it — were not immediately available.

This Dog looks like Samuel L. Jackson

The dog that looks like Samuel L. Jackson has been viewed more than one million times since the photo was posted online yesterday.Is this dog the canine doppelgänger of actor, snake-fighter, Jedi master and Bad M…. Samuel L. Jackson??

You be the judge! Personally, we feel it’s all about the glasses and the hat. And we LOVE the reactions of the folks at TMZ when they see his pic for the first time!

This Dog looks like Snoop Dog

After doing some intensive research (Googling “snoop dogg is real dog?”), we now have some convincing evidence that Snoop may in fact be a literal dog. Hit play on his song “Woof” (don’t worry, its the clean version so it’s okay for any puppy ears) and we’ll let you decide for yourself.

Snowball like a Kitler Cat

Started as a collaboration between Dutchman Koos Plegt and Brit Paul Neve and now run solely by Neve, Cats That Look Like Hitler is weird, wonderful and….well, hilarious. Having been featured on The Colbert Report and CNN, this site has seen submissions worldwide from people who think their cat looks like a Kitten Hilter…or Kitler as the site calls them.

A Dog Looks Like A John Travolta

Meet Boof. He’s a deaf American bulldog from South Australia who is in need of a very good home. He also happens to look exactly like John Travolta.

oof is a strapping young boy with striking eyes you can lose yourself in. He would love nothing more than to devote his loyalty to an owner who is looking for a strong boy in both body and soul and who is a strong handler.

Dog Looks Like Richard Branson

It’s got to be an interesting way to start a conversation, that’s for sure! We’ve had another look at the selection and decided the creepiest lookalike has to be the Richard Branson one.

This dog is extremely looks like Branson's brother twin.

This Dog looks like Ron Perlman

Hollywood actor Ron Perlman also has his animal brother - dog called Gypsy. They both have curled hair and wise
piercing glance with beatiful wicky coloured eyes.

Uhh, and they both live in USA, of course.

This Caterpillar Looks Like Donald Trump's Hair.

This caterpillar resembles a US president's hairdo, and it has been found in the Peruvian Amazon in a place called Tambopata.The flannel moth caterpillar is orange and fluffy, leading some people to nickname it the Trumpapillar.
You might not want to get too close, though: these caterpillars are more dangerous than they look.

Alpaca looks like Taylor Lautner.

Little known fact: This alpaca was originally cast in “Twilight,” only to bow out when he decided against committing to a four-part series. Luckily Taylor Lautner was a dead ringer and they could replace him midway through filming. Wait til you see the alpaca’s abs.

Dude’s ripped.

Happy Llama Looks Like Happy Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama - a monk of the Gelug or "Yellow Hat" school of Tibetan Buddhism also has his animal brother, but it is not a traditional dog or cat. The sibling of the Dalai Llama is a Lama.

It lives at the Budapest Zoo and called Twity.

This Dog Looks Like Harrison Ford

Here he is in Indiana Bones - Raiders Of The Lost Bark. The Dog called Stan says to all Ford's fanats: “Look, I ain’t in this for your revolution, and I’m not in it for you, princess. I expect to be well paid.

I’m in it for the money… and frisbees, I really like frisbees. In all seriousness, do you have a frisbee!?”

This Frog Looks Like Madonna

And one of the most "Épater" songer in today's world - Madonna has the same unusual animal sibling - the big green frog. Nobody known if it has any name, but we think it should be called Fragonna.

Hamilton The Hipster Cat Looks Like Salvador Dali

Hamilton, who has his own Facebook page and a following of more than 20,000 fans, is a rescue cat born on the 4th of July, and spends most of his time, well, being hip.
A glance at his pictures gallery reveals Hamilton flaunting his hipster credentials by wearing a Whole Foods trucker cap and reclining amid cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

Killer Whale Looks Like Kim Kardashian

This killer whale clearly represents the mighty power of the Kardashians family. Indeed, this whale is somewhat reminiscent of Kim.

Strutting Kitty Looks Like Leo

Over the years Leo had several nominations and amazing films. However, despite this positive note, he failed to achieve the highest of heights.

But looking at this cat and Leo, it is clear that they are walking with confidence and positivist in mind.

A Saturniidae Moth's Caterpillar Looks Like George Clinton

You'd expect George Clinton's autobiography to be funky, meandering, entertaining – and if you read Brothers Be, Yo Like George, Ain't That Funkin' Kinda Hard on You? (written with Ben Greenman), you won't be disappointed.

Furthermore, if you are still looking for something extraordinary, here's a picture of a moth that looks like George.

Dog Looks Like Ron Perlman

If you ever thought that Ron Perlman looks like Tom Waits, then you are wrong. He looks like this Staffordshire. Those intimidating looks.


How About This Cat That Looks Like Adam Driver?

What does a cat and Adam Driver has in common? One might argue that nothing, however, after looking at this picture, they are clearly twins.

Cat Looks Like Jamie From Mythbusters

The myth has been busted. Jamie does look like this cat.

Moreover, they are equally adorable!

Mustache Cat Looks Like Wilford Brimley

It is rumored that Wilford Brimley can mimic anyone. He can even mimic this cat, clearly, his talent can not be described in words.

This Bunny Looks Like Mckayla Maroney

Is it me or does Mckayla looks like this bunny. Cute emergency, cute emergency!

Alpaca Looks Like Rihanna

Everyone likes Rihanna, especially her music, so it would be only natural that everyone would like this Alpaca. Look at those eyes, aren't they magical!

This Cat Looks Like Lenin

Mother Russia is known for having prominent leaders. But what is less known, that Mother Russia has prominent cats.

See the similarities?

This Cat Looks Like Charlie Chaplin

Charlie has outdone himself, he transformed himself into a cat. Magic, I tell you, it's magic!

This Cat Looks Like Eugene Levy

A gifted comic actor who also won acclaim as a writer and director made his best work yet, became a cat. What else is there to say?

Stache The Cat Looks Like Adrien Brody

It's in the stache! Its in the stache!

Jokes aside, they do look the same!

Giraffe Looks Like Miley Cyrus

The Wrecking Ball singer and The Hunger Games actor have remained on top over the years and this Giraffe clearly represents the height she is currently on.

Sea Urchin Looks Like Cher

Cause she's strong enough.

Strong enough to be the best sea urchin there is.

This Dog Looks Like Donald Trump

The best builder? the best president?

Nope, the best dog in the world. Ladies and Gentleman, Donald Woof is here to make this nation bigger and brighter.

This Cat Looks Like Einstein

Physics, math and all that other mumbo-jumbo is nothing compared to this picture.

A Dod Looks Like Julia Roberts

Pretty woman, walking down the street, pretty woman
Pretty woman the kind I like to meet
Pretty woman I don't believe you, you're not the truth
No one could look as good as you, mercy

Dog With Eyebrows Looks Like Justin Bieber

Can't beat those eyebrows?

Well cause Justin is guarding them!