[Pics] 21 Walmart Photographs Captured By Security Cameras

There is a reason some people hate shopping at Walmart. Let us take a look at some of the Walmart’s weird and most ridiculous customers - they have been spotted by all of us as well as Walmart's many cameras. You can find all types of people at Walmart, from celebrities (Britney Spears loves her a good Walmart shopping trip!) to the weirdest people in small towns across America; we guess everyone loves great deals! Walmart is a magical place full of anything you could ever need and people you never knew existed. If you find yourself hungry, their food court is filled with delicious yet unhealthy options for you and your family, if you need shoes, clothes, toys, groceries, you name it, Walmart has it all for you.

We took the funniest pictures of shoppers from Walmarts all over the country and put them here for your viewing pleasure. It is just so entertaining to see photos of awkward people hanging at Walmart. From people wearing sheer leggings to others not even bothering to conceal some parts of themselves that are surely taboo if showing, you may not believe how crazy some of these people are, but you will definitely enjoy the images. Leave it to Walmart to be the place that should swap labels with Disney World as "the happiest place on earth" considering how happy these images make those who see it. Make sure to be sitting down for these, they are sure to have you keeling over in laughter. 

Either it is Halloween or someone just got back from a comic book convention. No, believe it or not, this guy lives like this on a day to day basis. It is nice when we do not have to live in the real world and use comic book fiction to mask the stresses of real life. Whatever the reason he wears this getup may be, he seems to be comfortable in his "skin" and we cannot take that away from him. Attention Walmart shoppers, fox in aisle 4! And do not even think about taking that little fox out of his hands. 

This puts walk of shame to shame. This is the redefinition of a toga party. This is all things wrong with Walmart shoppers these days. What makes you think you can walk into a Walmart wearing nothing but pink tights. Did the thought ever cross your mind that there might be children at your local Walmart? Did it ever occur to you that there is a good chance of you getting arrested for public indecency? Nope, probably not. While we are all about feeling comfortable in your own skin, this gives skinny pants a whole new meaning and we are not sure we wanted to see that.

This woman used to have three grandkids, she clearly did not learn from the other plastic bag mishaps. Do you just not notice your granddaughter has a plastic bag over her head? You do seem distracted and possibly uncomfortable, perhaps you should remove the plastic bag from the child's head so as to make sure she can breathe and everything. The others around these two also do not seem to notice this happening, which is just as disconcerting as the fact that the kid has a plastic bag over her head to begin with! Oh Walmart, you will always be interesting.

Many people's nightmare is getting toilet paper stuck on the bottom of their shoes, but nothing beats the fear of having toilet paper stuck to the back of your pants! This lady is walking about with this mortifying situation and does not seem to realize that it is even happening. We wonder if anyone came to her rescue and told her what was happening. However, Walmart shoppers are not known for their kindness, they did snap this photo which shows just what their priority list was like that very day. Hopefully she caught on before too many other photos were taken.

This is an unfortunate location for ones pants to be wet. She either put those pants on over a bathing suit, they were made that way, or she did not get to the restroom on time. Either way, this is a hard one not to laugh at and all that we can hope is that she went to get herself some laundry detergent to launder those pants as soon as she gets home. Did her daughter walking next to her not feel the need to tell her mom that it looks like she had an accident? One Walmart shopper got this on camera.

We have heard of Grecian Formula but this, as they say, is ridiculous. What on Earth was this guy thinking, that we would not notice he used shoe polish all over his face and head? Oh, and neck too? Were you really thinking we would think that your natural hair color was a sort of charcoal gray? We wish we could have a moment and ask this man what he wanted to achieve by creating this look for himself considering it achieves very little in terms of appeal. He seems okay with someone taking his photo, perhaps it was all for attention.

When we first looked at this image we thought this lady looked like a mannequin. What she was selling, we had no idea. Then we realized she was “real.” Here is what she has going for her – she has got really nice gams. Her outfit and makeup are actually pretty terrifying in how outrageous they are, but we have a feeling that she was going for that kind of vibe to begin with and in that case - you go girl! Hopefully no kids were around the see her or else we are sure they would have run to their mothers in fear.

It is never pleasant to walk behind someone who has their pants half way up and (hopefully) not realize it. We do not ever want to be the person who has to tell her that her behind is showing a bit and that it is time to get larger pants, or longer top. Either way, there are many types of Walmart shoppers, and some of them are just like this, crack and all. The person who took this photo, though, shame on you just a little bit, you could have told her instead of snapping the image, but we guess that would not have been as funny.

We guess pants are more of a suggestion at Walmart. A diaper and skirt is an acceptable outfit, right? This guy clearly ran out of all of his clean underwear and pants. So instead, he chose to borrow some bottoms from his three-year-old daughter and hoped that nobody would notice the difference... we noticed. The world noticed, too. Perhaps it was Halloween time and he was dressed as a baby or fairy? Who knows, all we know is that it takes a lot of guts to step outside into the public world looking like that and not having an issue with it.

This lovely lady wanted to walk on the wild side during her Walmart trip by showing off a little more than the world had bargained for thanks to her undersized pants and top. The front resembles some of what is at the back and we are half laughing and half trying to look away but cannot. We are here for her confidence, but girl, the pants need to close and the shirt needs to go over the belly, we promise it will be a better look for you! This photo is iconic considering there are so many Walmart shoppers who are not far from this.

We guess a partial shirt is better than no shirt. Or maybe he got attacked by a dog on his way to go shopping. This fellow figured that crop tops were in this year and it might as well be a homemade crop top. He did not know anyone with a steady hand, but as long as all the important parts are covered up, nobody cares, right? The person standing behind him at the checkout counter was sure happy he was there to snap this photo for the world to enjoy. Perhaps he asked the guy where the rest of this shirt was.

Okay, we are very sorry, but that is just a bad look. How did someone let her out of the house with pants like that? Well it appears that it is not the pants she should be worried about, but the maxi pad underneath. First of all, if it is that time of the month, an all white outfit probably is not the best choice anyway. Second of all, maybe pick pants that are not see through. Third of all, sorry to the people who got stuck behind her in line on the way out, we hope you covered your children's eyes!

She clearly does not go anywhere without her cookie monster backpack. We do not know what is worse here, the fact that she has a cookie monster attached to her that looks like he is being hung by the neck, or that she is an elderly woman who finds it appropriate at all to wear her pink pajamas and bring a stuffed animal along for the ride to Walmart. Whatever the reason may be, she does at least look comfortable. The cookie monster is giving everyone crazy eyes though and that is just plain rude if you ask us.

Yikes! This is one of those images where everything on the shelf looks appetizing. First off, as if the blue hair thing was not freaky enough, the fishnets took this look way over the top there. We are all for being yourself, but maybe do not be that much into your own style when it comes to being in public and scaring others. This look is borderline public indecency and the person who took this photo was sneaking behind the wine bottles to make sure she does not notice. Hopefully he or she did not get caught because that would have been unpleasant.

Which way does that bra need to be facing? We are not sure what this lady was thinking when she bought an open back, denim-dan costume, let alone what she was thinking when she thought it would be a good move for Walmart. We are not sure what is more shocking about this Walmart shopper, that she has back cleavage or that she put three necklaces on them to draw even more attention to the situation. The hairdo is also quite the look, completing this questionable Walmart attire with flair and pizzazz. This is one look we cannot unsee.

Okay, try not to stare too long at this one. Okay, it is not that bad considering that this is not actually chest, but it might as well be. This part of her body seems to literally need an H size bra of its own. If women with large chests have back problems, do you think this woman has abs of steel from battling with these monsters from tipping over backwards? This photo is almost an optical illusion, if you look too fast you think this is indeed the front of the woman in the checkout line and not the back of her.

We know, it is hard to understand what was actually going on here. Let us point a few things out for you: This guy is not wearing a shirt but he is clearly sporting a sweater. Next, he is sitting on the self checkout machine while trying to scan himself. To top it all off, he is wearing underwear with a gaping hole in them! Everything imaginable is wrong with this Walmart scenario. We hope the employees of this particular branch just called the cops to try and handle this individual who seems to have been going through a bit of a rough patch. 

Any fashion police who saw this would probably be at a loss for words. We are just wondering why anybody would feel as though wearing a mini skirt to Walmart would be a good idea, let alone mixing as many prints as this lady is - the look is all so bright. We need answers as to why she is wearing rain boots, why she thought wearing that skirt with that blue shirt and leopard purse would be at all a good idea. The person who took this photo clearly agreed with us since there is no way they snapped this for inspiration.

We think this is just traumatizing for everyone involved, especially the poor little girl looking back as if to be saved. The daughters are probably a tad bit embarrassed, and especially the one who is gripping her hand and looking back at the photographer in complete horror. Unfortunately, this will probably be remembered until her adulthood. We hope she finds a good therapist. Where do you think this woman got the getup in the first place? Not to mention the thought to pair it with the blue high heels that are making her just that much taller and more noticeable.

You know the saying, "leggings are not pants," well this is still very true and this is also the very reason why it is said. Seriously, did she not own a mirror before she walked out of the house? It is not like she could have been in dim lighting and noticed that her leggings were see through. These are just completely see through. The white color of the pants are already an issue for most, even black leggings have a tendency to be sheer, but this is as if she is not even wearing pants at all, just underwear to Walmart.

We are assuming that these ladies are coming back from the beach given their bathing suit cover up that is not really meant to be worn in public, and the bathing suit that is peeking through underneath. Ladies, if you are going to the beach, that is fine, we just recommend a little more clothing be worn to the supermarket. If you are not going to the beach afterwards, then we have a few questions. The people beside these women also seemed to have issue with this since they are the ones who took this photo and shared it with the world.

If leggings are not pants then stockings are for sure not pants either. Look lady, we are not judging you on your outfit choice because to each his own, but you cannot tell us that you walked out of the house NOT knowing that your backside is on display for fellow shoppers. There is something about middle America and their love for leggings that gets them into such trouble and on display to those who seek to laugh their way through the day at their expense. The world sees your undergarments, and we are sure you did not intend for that to happen.

We suppose this is one way to get others into the Christmas spirit. You know, we always say we are going to work out around the holidays, and we never actually do. To be honest, this lady may actually be on to something. The hat and the Santa shirt are putting us right in the holiday mood, especially as the shirt also has the white fluffy edge like the Santa hat she is wearing. We love a good outfit and hat combo and this one seems to be a winner, even by the standards of the person who took this photo.

Look, nobody wanted to tell this lady what was really going down. Honestly, shame on the photographer. They could have easily gone up to the woman and told her that she had toilet paper coming out of her pants after what can only be an unfortunate bathroom situation. However, they just decided to snap the photo and move on with their lives, leaving the woman in her own unknown embarrassment. To be honest, the socks and the sandals look is slightly more horrifying in our opinion than the toilet paper. What do you think is worse?

This is the epitome of "when you are in the middle of doing your laundry and have nothing to wear." Like, you know when your mom asks you to run outside and do something so you grab the first shoes you see? This is that version of that. This guy just stepped outside to do some light grocery shopping with what looks like his wife's clothes (or we surely hope it is). All this guy wanted was the stock up on some food for his house, and here someone snapped a photo of him that will always be there to haunt him.

Honestly, is there such a thing as TOO much plaid? Maybe. But once again the saying needs to be said a little louder for the people in the back....LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS. LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS. Nice to see she picked out a striped shirt to go with her endless plaid. The yellow is there to make sure she is noticed and that her unique fashion flair is there to be enjoyed by all. The person behind her who took this photo was certainly impressed by her and took this photo so that we could all revel in her legging way.

Well, Shakespeare did say the world is your stage right? Well he did not mention what kind of stage it was, right? For this lady, it looks like she chose a runway. Honestly, she is loving herself, and in the end, is that not really all that matters? She stopped and literally posed for the person who asked to take her photo, probably not even caring that they are doing so mockingly (which is very rude, might we add). We love her confidence and honestly, that purple is totally working for her. You continue to be as awesome as you are! 

Was she heading to EDC after this? Because this looks like almost every rave chick we have bumped into at an EDM concert. All she needs is a hula hoop and she is ready to go. We are just more concerned about her feet. Walmart is the last place I would think to walk around without shoes on. You know what they say, no shirt, not shoes, no problems? This case is hopefully Halloween, late at night, looking for snacks to make sure the next day is not filled with too much of a hangover for her to deal with.

There are some moments in life when you see others and wonder to yourself if they own a mirror. On the one hand, if they do not then it makes sense that they would step out of the house looking like this, but on the other if they do have a mirror and still want to leave the house looking like this then it is much more disturbing than the other. Leaving your home in a sports bra, white shorts and pink stockings is a whole mood of a look for this woman. Perhaps Halloween again?

This guy is just trying some new stuff out! That, or he lost a dare from last night. From the looks of it, he might still be feeling a little woozy after a long night's shenanigans. We just have one piece of advice, low rise shorts are not in style anymore, and that whole showing your underwear out from over your pants is also very early 2000s. This is definitely a style that should not come back, and most definitely not by a man in Walmart in the middle of the country seemingly careless about what it looks like to others.

Once again, instead of helping this poor individual, someone decided to just take a picture. Honestly, seeing what other people stop to take photos of says more about them than the person in the photo themselves. We just really hope this guy was okay afterward. It seems as though the man was trying to grab something from the shelf but it was too far away from him and his seat so it tipped over. We hope to still have faith in humanity and that someone else saw this and came to the guys rescue.

These boots look like they were certainly made for walking, we are just unsure if they are made for walking around a local Walmart. Kudos though, he or she (not sure to be honest) was probably able to reach everything even on the highest of shelves. No help needed here. Walking in high heels like that takes a lot of balance and core strength so this older individual is complete inspiration for us who cry about stepping out in sneakers instead of flip flops. Now we have to try out hand (or foot) in heels again, for sheer ego.

Pink looks like it is definitely this guy's color. Although he could go up a size or two on the pajama pants, because that certainly does not look too comfortable at all. We can see he is also purchasing something else in a pink color. We would love to see this guys' closet. We love seeing people doing their own thing even though society dictates otherwise. This guy and all of his pink glory are surely inspiration for us to do what we want to do, and the person who took this photo should also see it like that!

Look, we cannot promise that this is actually safe or sanitary. We mean, should you not technically be able to use those in public? We are not really sure what the rules are when it comes to this sort of thing. It also looks like she should probably drink a little water, she looks a little dehydrated. The medical situation such as this one is usually concealed by the person for personal reasons, this person it seems just does not care and is attaching their bag to their leg and not wearing long pants to cover it up.

Honestly, this guy is just trying to be his true self. Who knows, maybe this is how feels on the inside and wants the outside to reflect the same. The skin tones are a little off, but hey! Who cares right? This dude is just living his best life. He seems to even be smiling without realizing he is being photographed. His shirt is all too cute for him. He looks like he is looking for something, but the person who snapped this photo certainly found what they were looking for when they landed this image. What a keeper! 

Let us be honest, if a guy wearing a tail in public and holding a doll is the weirdest thing we will see today, then so be it! Older men can be fanboys too! Maybe he missed the comic con convention by a few days and wants to live out his comic dream? We are not here to judge and we hope the person who took this photo was doing so in jest and not to make fun either. The tail almost looks real, but it is the doll that is most concerning if we are being honest.

What did we say about white pants? They are never a good idea. We really hope these two find each other because they are two peas in a pod. We are also completely unsure if these were made to be worn in public. We are pretty sure these are compression shorts made to be worn under something, but of course we could be wrong. These two were photographed by two different people so the fact that this happened was made in comedy heaven if you ask us. Again, though, white pants are not a good idea.