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27 Game of Thrones Deaths That Will Make You Fear for Winter

Game of Thrones is known for 3 things: fantastic fantasy worlds, screwing over the oligarchy, and killing off all of your favorite characters when you love them the most (except Ramsey Bolton, everyone hated that guy). With the 7th season coming to a close, let’s take a look at 27 deaths that took place during the show’s seven seasons so far!

Olena Tyrell:

Killed by poison via Jaime Lanister in S7,E3 – “Queens Justice”. +2 points for the greatest dying words in the whole show.


Killed by a wave of white walkers while holding the door in S6, E5 – “The Door.”

Trystane Martell:

Killed by Obara Sand’s spear through the back of his head in S6,E1 – “The Red Woman.”

Stannis Baratheon:

Killed by Brienne of Tarth’s sword of justice in S5,E10 – “Mother’s Mercy.”

King Joffrey:

Killed by poisoned wine (by Olenna Tyrell) at his own wedding in S4,E2 – “The Lion and the Rose.”

 Balon Greyjoy:

Killed by younger brother Euron Grejoy by being pushed of a rope bridge in S6,E2 – “Home.

Prince Oberyn:

Killed by “The Mountain” Ser Gregor Clegane with his bare hands in S4,E8 – “The Mountain and the Viper.”

Ned Stark:

Killed by the oligarchy by way of beheading in S1,E9 – “Baelor.”

Shireen Baratheon:

Death by ritual fire at the hands of Melisandre in S5,E9 – “The Dance of Dragons.”

Janos Slynt:

Beheaded by Jon Snow for openly refusing Jon’s order as Lord Commander at the Wall in S5,E3 – “High Sparrow.”

King Robert Baratheon:

Stabbed with a boar’s tusk while intoxicated with poisoned wine in S1,E7 – “You Win or You Die.”

Doran Martell:

Stabbed by Ellaria Sand in S6,E1 – “The Red Woman.”

Maester Aemon:

Died of natural causes in S5,E7 – “The Gift.”


Killed by an arrow shot by youngster Olly in S4,E9 – “The Watchers on the Wall.”

khal Drogo:

Death by infection and blood magic in S1,E10 – “Fire and Blood.”

Lysa Arryn:

Death by moon door after being kicked in by newly-wed husband Petyr Baelish in S4,E7 – “Mockingbird.”

King Robb Stark:

Stabbed by Lord Roose Bolton after already being shot by multiple arrows in S3,E9 – “The Red Wedding.”

Mance Rayder:

The swift death of an arrow from Jon Snow while being set to burn on the stake by Stannis Baratheon in S5,E1 – “The Wars to Come.”


Pushed off a balcony by Reek (Theon Greyjoy) for trying to hurt Sansa Stark in S5,E10 – “Mother’s Mercy.”

Renly Baratheon:

Killed by Stannis’ and Melisandre’s shadow baby in S2, E5 – “The Ghost of Harrenhal.”

Lord Commander Mormont:

Brutally stabbed by night’s watchman Rast in S3,E4 – “And Now His Watch is Ended.”

Catelyn Stark:

Murdered by Black Walder Frey in S3,E9 – “The Red Wedding.”

Viserys Targaryen

Murdered by Khal Drogo and his men in S1,E6 – “A Golden Crown.”

Talisa Stark:

Killed during the Red Wedding in S3,E9 – “The Red Wedding.”


Killed by Tyrion for trying trying to stab him in S4,E10 – “The Children.”

Tywin Lannister:

Shot by Tyrion Lannister with a crossbow while in the privy chamber in S4,E10 – “The Children.”


Killed by Joffery while “trying out” his new crossbow in S3,E6 – “The Climb.”

Margaery Tyrell:


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