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26 Saved By The Bell Secrets Fans Never Knew

If you were a “Saved By The Bell” fan, then you know about the love affair between Kelly Kapowski and Zack Morris, and the famous fight between A.C. Slater and Jessie Spano. As it turns out, all of them had secrets to hide while working on the set of Saved By The Bell, but now they have all been revealed! Years and a lot of water under the bridge make it so the castmates are happy to reveal things that we as viewers never knew about the show and what went on behind the scenes. We always thought it was wholesome and sweet, when it was far from it in most cases. A lot happens on the set where teens are in charge of the show, and we are not finally getting the details! Check out these amazing 25 “Saved by the Bell” secrets.

On The Fast Track To Womanhood

Tiffani Amber Thiessen started dating a 19-year-old guy when she was only 14! She also moved out of her parent’s house when she was just 17! It made total sense that she made a quick jump into modeling gigs right around the time she was working on the set of Saved By The Bell. It is easy to grow up fast in Hollywood and that is exactly what Tiffani did. 

Secrets Out!

During the show, Mario Lopez was accused of date rape. The case was eventually dropped and settled out of court. Dustin Diamond claims in his tell-all book that NBC paid the victim $50,000 not to talk.

Real Life Romance

Lark Voorhies & Mark-Paul Gosselaar dated in real life. During filming Zack and Lisa were just friends, but off-screen the two were lovebirds and even had a 3-year relationship!

Screetch Wasn’t Liked By His Castmates

No one in the cast liked Dustin Diamond, and they still don’t to this day. Many say that the tell-all book he wrote in 2010 was filled with exaggerated and false stories.

Pumped Up

Mark-Paul Gosselaar was accused of taking steroids in-between “Saved By The Bell” and “Saved By The Bell: The College Years”. Although there’s no way to prove this is true, there was a big change in Zack’s physique, which speaks for itself. As you can see here in this College Years cast-photo, Zach Morris even more buff than Slater.

Blondes Have More Fun

Mark-Paul Gosselaar aka Zach, is a natural brunette! He had to dye his hair blonde every two weeks during filming of “Saved By The Bell!” It really goes to show here just how much detail is put into these characters to make the audience believe that Zach Morris really is an outgoing chatter-box that’s always concerned with how to have the most fun.

Role Swap

Lisa Turtle was originally meant to be a character who played a spoiled, Jewish girl from Long Island but producers loved Lark Voorhies so much that they changed the part so she could play it.

Love At First Sight

Mark-Paul Gosselaar met his first wife on set! She was an extra. He remarried Catriona McGinn, and now they have a son together, Dekker Edward.

Special Treatment

Elizabeth Berkley wanted the role of Kelly Kapowski, but the producers preferred Tiffani Amber Thiessen. After the producers decided that they still really liked Elizabeth, they wrote the part of Jessie Spano specifically for her.

This Duo Were In Every Episode!

Zack and Screech are the only two of the entire cast to appear in every episode, starting with “Good Morning, Miss Bliss” up until the finale of “The College Years.”

College Paid Off

The SBTB spin-off, “Saved by the Bell: The College Years,” only lasted a mere 18 episodes, but the series raked in an average of 7.2 million viewers a week making it the 2nd highest rated comedy on NBC.

Familiar Steps

The school set used to shoot “Saved by the Bell” has also been used in the famous Disney series “That’s So Raven” and Nickelodeon’s “iCarly.”

Bff’s Forever!

Zack and Slater were intended to fight for Kelly’s love on the show, but Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Mario Lopez had such a Bromance off screen that the SBTB writers decided to keep them as BFFs!

The Cast Hit The Main Stage

Peter Engel wrote a musical in hopes of bringing “Saved By The Bell” to Broadway, but this never worked out. The cast did test their musical abilities in the rockumentary fantasy episode where they formed a band called Zack Attack!

Same Classroom, Different Scenes

In Bayside High School there was only one classroom, and it was rearranged for different scenes and class subjects. If you take a close look throughout the episodes, you may notice that some projects on the wall have remained even though the kids are supposed to be in a completely different classroom…

Kung Fu Fighting