Weirdest School Punishments Ever Given

School Rules

Every school has its own set of regulations, and some schools even have their own set of rights. It's eerily similar to the government. These norms unite students and teachers into a single community.

And if someone does not follow them, they are duly punished. Hence, people are afraid to break the rules for the fear of facing repercussions.


However, some punishments given in school are counterproductive and end up leaving a harmful impact on pupils. School years are the most crucial time in people's lives since they shape their personalities and teach them many vital life skills.

Here is a list of the weirdest school punishments.


Arresting is a punishment where people lose their freedom and even face judgement. Severe and brutal crimes are often reasons for arrest. 

But there was one situation when a student got arrested for simply burping in the class in 2011. Fortunately, no charges were filed against him, and he was allowed to leave the jail after only a few hours.


Teachers were urged in the late 1800s to discipline their students by striking them on the back with a wooden paddle. Spanking someone with a paddle became one of the most prevalent kinds of punishment over time.

This gruelling kind of punishment was banned in the country in 1977. Nonetheless, some parents continue to strike their children if they misbehave.


Prom is the happiest and most important event in the life of any student. It marks the end of teenage life and the start of adult life. For one Mississippi kid, prom was anything but memorable.

Her high school organised a fake prom for her, her female partner, and five other students with disabilities. This homophobic penalty resulted in a lawsuit, in which the school was eventually found guilty.

Punished In The Closet

One instructor used to scare children by telling them stories about evil and monsters hiding in the closet. When the kids misbehaved, she would lock them in the school closet. This scared the kids a lot.

The worst part was that her students were just four years old. Experience such as this can be very traumatizing for young kids.


Alex Barton, a young student, was forced to sit in on a classroom discussion on why no one liked him. His teacher was the first to initiate the class debate, and she even mentioned how much she despised him.

After discussing Barton's weaknesses, the class was obliged to vote on whether or not he should remain in the class. Barton was in tears as a result of this unusual punishment.


Lamaya Cammon went to school with a beautiful hairdo one day. It was a typical day for her. But the teacher didn't like it. She had colourful beads in her hair and she kept playing with them during the lesson. 

The teacher called Lamaya to the desk and did something unbelievable. Her teacher took her braid and snipped a part of her hair. According to the teacher, she cut the girl's hair because she was distracting other kids. Cammon returned to her desk, humiliated and in tears.

Food On The Floor

A group of children was forced to eat food from the floor. Teachers gave this punishment because the students had accidentally spilt a cup of water while refilling a cooler. 

The teachers watched them while they ate from the floor. It was humiliating for the kids. The floor was dirty and unsterile. This could have very well resulted in the kids getting poisoned and sick.


In some schools, teachers don't permit students to go to the bathroom during the lesson.

Going to the toilet is a normal body function. Forcing a student to hold their bladder is not only unfair but also unsafe. If a person waits too long to pee, their bladder muscles may weaken over time, causing major issues.


Many schools don't force school uniforms, and students can wear anything. But there is one rule that restricts them to show shoulders. The reason behind it is that it can distract students from studying.

Teachers punish students who wear clothes that show shoulders and send them home to change clothes.

Mobile Phones

We live in a digital world where the Internet, social media, and cell phones dominate. Many individuals consider their cell phones to be an absolute necessity. We always want to have the possibility to contact our parents and friends, use the Internet or take a photo if it is needed.

But teachers get very angry when students use their mobile phones during lessons and even confiscate them for some time. They are sure that such punishment will discipline children and help them concentrate on studying.

Facial Hair

No one should be bullied for their appearance. But male students are frequently chastised for having facial hair.

This is not only embarrassing for them, but it may also get them in trouble. In some schools, teachers force the students with facial hair to shave it in front of their classmates. 


Repetition is one of the ways of enforcing discipline and teaching. But sometimes it can be counterproductive. Schools use repetition as punishment for students who make mistakes in writing. 

For instance, if a student wrote a phrase incorrectly, then they are made to write the phrase hundred times.

Equal Rights

Equal rights between students and teachers are necessary to help them understand each other and build exemplary communication.

Some punishments have stayed for a very long time. But considering the multitude of changes that have happened in our society, they don't have a place in the modern world now.