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25 Hottest Hair Color Trends You Need This Fall

Ladies, it’s officially fall! And that means it’s time to switch up your hair color accordingly. If you aren’t sure what fall hairstyle will suit you best, we’ve found 25 trendy looks that are guaranteed to please everyone!

25. Succulent Tones

Incorporate your love of succulents into your hair color this fall with a multi-toned look. You can opt for different shades and hues as you channel the trendy plants.

24. Chocolate Rose Gold

The rose gold trend took 2016 by storm, but this fall color changes it up a bit. Go with a pink hue towards the ends instead of all-over color for this low maintenance look.

23. Pumpkin Spice

Of course, we’ve found a way to turn everyone’s favorite fall flavor into a hair color! Think of it as a mix of golden blonde, chestnut, and copper colors designed to give a multi-dimensional appearance.

22. Grey Ombre

A combination of two trends, the grey ombre look allows you to rock the unconventional color on a toned down level.

21. Warm Peach

Keep things vibrant this fall with a soft orange hue. The color is said to be flattering for just about every skin tone!

20. Smoky Lilac

Take your ombre one step further with a subtle lilac hue. It’s a fun way to add a little life to the grey trend as well.

19. Mermaid

By combining different shades of blue, you can create your very own mermaid hair. Think shades such as aqua, cobalt, navy, and turquoise for this dramatic look.

18. Watermelon

Hold on to the last bit of summer with vibrant watermelon hair! The combination of greens and pinks will have you feeling festive this fall.

17. Nude Hair

Create a “nude hair” look by balancing out cool and warm tones. These neutral tones look amazing on everyone and are said to be easy to wear.

16. Snowlights

This look creates a falling snow effect with shimmering pieces of blonde at the top of the head.

15. Denim Blue

In contrast to the neon blues we’ve been seeing, this trend focuses on a more subtle hue.

14. Warm Lights

Add dimension to your already dark hair with subtle warm highlights. Colors such as caramel, chestnut, auburn, and amber are all tones that can give instant life to your fall look.

13. Rose Gold

This warm-colored trend is perfect for the colder months! Rose gold is a pink-tinted blonde shade that’s taking hair color trends by storm.

12. Cinnamon Swirl

Think warm honey and brown sugar tones when it comes to this delicious hair trend. It leaves you with a “bronde” look that’s good enough to eat!

11. Eggplant

Jewel tones are starting to trend this fall as people experiment with the rich colors. This eggplant color is perfect for girls with darker hair tones to add a bit of fun this fall.

10. Copper

Shimmery copper hues are said to be the most popular shades of red this year. With celebrities such as Christina Hendricks and Julianne Moore flaunting the glossy tresses, it’s no surprise this fall color is gaining popularity.

9. Deliberate Roots

Celebs are opting for this “lazy” look as they keep their roots dark and end pieces lighter.

8. Neon Streaks

If you’re not sure about the neon craze, don’t worry! You can still get in on the fun with accent pieces featuring unnatural shades, such as this neon blue.

7. Autumn Red

You can never go wrong with a deep Autumn red tint. Don’t be afraid to add some coppery tones for the best multi-dimensional look!

6. Multifaceted Platinum

A hip take on platinum blonde hair, the multifaceted look incorporates more colors for a beautiful mix.

5. Hair Strobing

Like the makeup technique, hair strobing customizes highlights to one’s face shape and hair color. It highlights where the light naturally hits your hair for a positively glowing look!

4. Pastel

Keep things light and simple with pretty pastel colors. These shades have been all the rage this year and will continue to add a pop of color throughout fall.

3. Woodsy Browns

Browns are always fall go-to colors, but it doesn’t have to be boring and dull! Stick with shades such as chocolate or espresso to keep some dimension.

2. Burgundy

The reddish-purple shade balances out unnatural color with natural for the perfect fall style.

1. Color Melting


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