25 Discontinued Snacks That We Wish We Could Bring Back


photo courtesy: dinosaurdracula.com Everyone has their favorite treats from their past that bring back all kinds of nostalgic memories. Whether it be your favorite soda pop you enjoyed at grandmas house or that indulgent candy bar you snuck from your parents, we have compiled the top extinct foods that you probably wish were brought back on the shelves.

Check out the list to see if your favorite childhood snack is on here.

photo courtesy: pinterest.com When it comes to product marketing for children, Squeezits were one of a kind. Introduced in the 1980s, Squeezits were the first juices that you had to twist and squeeze instead of the standard, boring juice box. The plastic bottles had funny character faces molded on them and crazy flavor names like Chucklin' Cherry and Grumpy Grape.

Shark Bites Fruit Snacks

Even their tagline "Squeeze the fun out of it," appealed perfectly to children who liked to play with their food as much as possible. They later tried to expand by adding mystery flavors, and they did well for a while but ultimately sales continued to plummet. The last Squeezit was seen in 2001, and its hard to believe that it's been 17 years since we last saw these lunch box staples on the shelf.

photo courtesy: reddit.com Betty Crocker's shark bites fruit snacks first came out in 1988, and if you’re wondering why Shark Bites were so darn good, it’s because they were patterned after Fruit Corners’ Fruit Wrinkles, which were the tastiest fruit snacks to ever exist! The great white sharks were an addition to the mix, and weren't always "special" either.


These chalky great whites would later be removed entirely, thanks to Betty Crocker’s promise to stop using artificial colors. Shark Bites technically still exist, but the texture and taste will never compare to the original, overly processed recipe.

photo courtesy: huffingtonpost.com Surge is a citrus flavored soft drink released by Coca-Cola in 1996 to compete with Mountain Dew. The highly caffeinated beverage had a whopping 54 grams of caffeine per 16 oz, compared to 51 in Pepsi's Mountain Dew. For awhile, it was close contest, both having their own controversies.

Butterfinger BBs

Surge was banned from several schools, and Mountain Dew had to contest with a nasty rumor that it shrank your testicles. Ultimately, Surge’s poor sales were the cause of it's extinction, and Coca-Cola discontinued the drink in 2002.

photo courtesy: the-foods-we-loved.wikia.com In 1992, Butterfinger BB's rocked every kid’s sweet tooth. They became quite popular as Bart Simpson's favorite treat, on the 'The Simpsons.' The low melting point of the chocolate resulted in a chocolatey mess, but no one seemed to care!

Orbitz Soda

They were discontinued in 2006 and after much uproar, Butterfinger Bites were introduced in 2009, but they’ll never taste the same.

photo courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org What's not to love about a "Lava Lamp" soda with floating flavored chewy balls?

Planters Cheez Balls

​Hmmm, not so sure this was a favorite in the taste category, but these groovy 90's soda's were unforgettable!

Mickey's Ice Pops

photo courtesy: usgroceries.co.uk Planters Cheez balls were discontinued in 2006, guess it was getting hard to compete with Cheetos.

photo courtesy: pinterest.com We remember these tasting way better than regular ice pops, but we couldn't pin point why. Maybe it was just because it was so satisfying to bite Mickey’s head off as he melted.


These sweet treats were discontinued sometime in the early 2000s, and we wish they'd make a comeback.

photo courtesy: makro.co.za Another famous Coca-Cola product which may not be completely discontinued, though no list of nostalgic treats is complete without Tab.

Bubble Jug

Fun fact:it got its name from the "pull-tab" that was used to open the bottle.

photo courtesy: twitter.com Powdered gum out of a jug?

French Toast Crunch

Why Not!

photo courtesy: pinterest.co.uk