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21 Celebrities Who Don’t Drink

Not every celebrity accepts a glass of wine or champagne at those A-list parties. Many stars have admitted they don’t drink, whether it be because of past addiction issues or by personal choice. You would have a hard time finding a tabloid these days that doesn’t feature any celebrity’s drunken antics of the week. However, that doesn’t mean that every star likes to drink quite as much as others. In fact, some celebs have gone on the record to state that they don’t drink at all. There are some celebrities who won’t let even a drop of alcohol cross their lips. Whether these famous stars stay away from alcohol due to addiction issues, health concerns, or just plain distaste, here are 21 celebrities you won’t find with a drink in their hand.

1. Jennifer Lopez

If you have ever wondered how ‘Jenny from the Block’ seems to never age, we have the answer. She has kept her seemingly flawless skin by not smoking, drinking caffeine, or drinking alcohol.

2. Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada found herself drinking two bottles of wine on the couch and that point, she decided to make a change. She knew she had a problem that had to be fixed. She found other tools to deal with the pain. From that day, she went cold turkey and has not had a drink in 8 years!

3. Kim Kardashian

During an interview with Andy Cohen, the reality star revealed that she doesn’t drink nowadays because she began being the designated driver for big sister, Kourtney, when she was just 14 years old. Kardashian may have become famous by hitting the clubs with Paris Hilton, but she’s not one for boozy nights out.

4. Blake Lively

Blake Lively, mother of two and wife of Ryan Reynolds, revealed that she really doesn’t care for the taste of alcohol or its side effects. Lively doesn’t drink and says she makes up for it by being a huge foodie instead.

5. Bradley Cooper

Cooper became sober at 29. In 2014 his substance abuse was at its height ad if it continued, his whle life would be sabotaged. He does not drink or do drugs anymore. The star of The Hangover has found a way to avoid them entirely. Cooper decided to get sober years ago so he could focus on his career and given his recent string of successes, it seems to be working.

6. Dane Cook

Although he has quite the wild persona while on stage, the comedian doesn’t drink and doesn’t do drugs. He is actually known by friends and family to be introverted and very shy.

7. Russell Brand

Russel Brand is outspoken about his recovery from drugs and alcohol. He is about to celebrate 15 years of being sober in December 2017. He tells everyone, “Anyone can get clean, one day at a time.”

8. Tyra Banks

The supermodel and television host once revealed that she never had any drugs. She had a little taste of alcohol when she was 12 years old, but that’s about it. You will not see her with a cocktail in her hand at any social event.

9. Jim Carrey

The actor has spoken openly about his battle with depression, noting that he makes an effort to keep his body free of drugs, alcohol, and other mind-altering substances. This includes even coffee!

10. Eminem

After years of battling addiction to prescription pills, the rapper is 100% sober. He had to relearn to do his shows sober. After battling addiction to drugs and alcohol, Eminem got sober several years ago.

11. Tim McGraw

McGraw gave up drinking for his daughters. It was a personal choice for him. He was at a point where he thought it was affecting him adversely and affecting his relationships. It was time to make a change and today he is completely sober.

12. Jennifer Hudson

The actress/singer once explained that she has never had a drink in her life. She is 100% sober. Nobody ever believes Hudson that she has never been interested in alcohol.

13. Keith Urban

After years of struggling with addiction and three trips to rehab, the country singer has been sober since his wife, Nicole Kidman, staged an intervention with him in 2006.

14. Lucy Hale

The Pretty Little Liars star recently revealed that she had decided to quit drinking. She is trying to create the best version of herself and this means cutting out alcohol from her life.

15. James Franco

Although the actor may give off a reckless, bad-boy persona, he actually doesn’t drink, smoke, or do any drugs. He also barely sleeps, and fuels himself with cat naps throughout the day!

16. Christina Ricci

In her late teens, early 20s she did her fair share of drinking. She gave up drinking in her mid 20s because she didn’t think it was good for her life.

17. Tobey Maguire

The actor once explained, “I stopped consuming any mind-altering substances when I was 19 years old. And I’ve been abstinent since then.” When asked if he drinks alcohol, he answered, “Not at all.”

18. Matthew Perry

The former “Friends” star hasn’t had a drink since entering rehab in the late ’90s for an addiction to Vicodin.

19. Naomi Campbell

Naomi gave up drinking alcohol. She says that not drinking makes her a lot happier in life.

20. Joe Manganiello

The actor once revealed that he had a serious drinking problem when he was in his 20s. When asked if he still drinks, he responded, “No, it’s been over 11 years.”

21. Colin Farrell

After years of battling addiction, the actor has been sober for 11 years now. He had been fairly drunk or high since he was 14, so it was a tough life change. He felt like he was dying from his lifestyle.

22. Kristin Davis

Unlike Charlotte and her friends on Sex and the City, you shouldn’t expect to see this star at the hottest new bar. Davis went sober at age 22 when she found her drinking was interfering with her acting aspirations. Davis calls herself a recovering alcoholic and avoids temptation at all costs.

23. Kat Von D

Kat recently celebrated 10 years of sobriety! What an accomplishment for this known party girl.

24. Robert Downey Jr.

Downey Jr. has been clean and sober about 10 years. Downey Jr.’s addiction was so bad that he was almost uninsurable on the projects he worked on. After numerous arrests and stints in rehab, he finally got clean in 2005. Now he avoids all of his past temptations, including alcohol.

25. Eva Mendes

Mendes, who went to rehab in 2008, spoke about substance abuse with Interview magazine, explaining, “I’m proud of people who have the determination and the fearlessness to actually go and face their demons and get better. This is a life or death situation.”

26. Kelly Osbourne

“I had been to rehab several times and reached a point where I was taking more of what I was doing in hopes that I wouldn’t wake up. And when I got to that point, the next morning I woke up and I was like, ‘I just prayed for death. What the hell is wrong with me?'” she told Anderson Cooper, on how she hit rock bottom and finally got sober.

27. Gerard Butler


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