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Vintage Photos From The 1970s That Are Giving Us Serious Nostalgia

If there’s one era that everyone seems to be obsessed with, it’s the ‘70s probably because things were a little simpler back then. Bell-bottoms and peasant blouses were the latest fashion trend.

You could buy a home for less than $24,000, and Harvard’s annual tuition was only $2,400. So, in honor of this epic era, we’re presenting a series of vintage photos that will make you wish we were all still living in the ‘70s.

Everyone seems to be going for a shorter hairdo like a long bob or a pixie cut these days. Let’s face it, they’re a lot easier to maintain.

But in the ‘70s, some women loved flaunting extremely long, silky smooth and flowing hair that would give Rapunzel a run for her money.

Even then, women were already forging their own unique, independent identities through riskier clothing, hairstyles, political ideals, and their commanding personalities,

like this classy gal who was all dressed in white while sitting in front of her hot pink car.

Unlike today’s modern subway trains, the ones in New York City in the ‘70s looked pretty rundown. There were no security guards anywhere in sight, and they were really dirty, with graffiti on the walls and trash scattered everywhere. 

And yet, schoolgirls still rode them to school and on their way home because they were completely unfazed.

In the ‘70s, gas was in high demand, but America was facing an oil crisis,

so as you can see from this photo, people would drive up to the nearest gas station only to find themselves stuck in long lines waiting for their chance to fill up their gas tank.

There was a time when people actually dressed up before traveling on a plane and there was plenty of room to stretch your legs when you traveled.

Of course, you also had to contend with smokers, which was legal in the smoking section of the plane.

In today’s world, the thought of eating ice cream is scary if you’re on a diet because of all the sugar and carbs. But in those days, people would line up in front of an ice cream truck for their turn to order an ice cream cone or ice pop.

Unlike today, they didn’t have an ice cream parlor every few blocks.

This might sound absolutely bonkers, but back in the ‘70s, playing a game of pinball was illegal in Los Angeles. 

But this blonde bombshell was playing at a local arcade once the ban was finally lifted.

In 2020, there’s nothing that would get people angrier than to see a pregnant woman smoking while pregnant. 

But in those days, no one really batted an eyelash for what this woman was doing even though she was expecting a baby.

Things like order were important in those days, but then again, so was defiance, and that was pretty evident in the fashion of the time. Everyone was trying to be unique in their own way, like this gorgeous young woman.

But they were also looking for a place to fit in with the rest of the world.

The 70s was the golden era of disco, so it was easy to find one or two discotheques around town that were packed with happy people finger-pointing at the sky and swiveling their hips to some loud and awesome funky music.

And boy, did they know how to bust a move!

Burger King’s didn’t look as corporate or as bland as they do today. They actually had a lot more color on their walls and looked more like a fancy theater or a club than a fast food joint. 

Have things changed in over 40 years, or what?

In 1977, the first “Star Wars” film starring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and the late Carrie Fisher, premiered at Mann’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, California. 

The film ultimately launched a long-running successful Sci-Fi film franchise.

In today’s world, we can plug our headphones into our smartphones to listen to music. But in the 70s, people had to put on a pair of enormous headphones and plug them into a large stereo. 

And you had to sit there and listen because cordless headphones weren’t invented yet.

Fashion in the ‘70s offered all sorts of choices and while some ladies preferred to show off a little extra skin or keep it more casual and bohemian,

others preferred to wear bright, bold and structured colorful trench coats.

Amusement parks in the 1970s were bigger and offered tons of cool prizes that people actually valued. 

The snacks were a whole lot tastier, too. And the Gravitron wasn’t always breaking down after every ride.

While most kids today would prefer to stay home and play video games, the kids from yesteryear were all about riding their bikes outside and they loved doing it with a group of friends,

because in those days, it didn’t get cooler than a gang of mini-bikers riding around the neighborhood.

Going roller skating with a group of friends was all the rage. So, everyone would dress up in their fanciest outfits, or slip into some psychedelic colorful gowns.

Back then, it was all about showcasing your unique style, and honestly? You could rock anything if you had the confidence. Then they’d head to the roller disco, put on their skates and roll the night away.

Platform shoes were a fashion staple, which meant that there were a lot of short people fooling everyone into thinking they were really tall.

But these platform shoes often led to a couple of twisted ankles, too. Ouch!

Every morning, a paperboy would earn some extra commission by riding around on their bikes and hurling newspapers on everyone’s front lawn like missiles.

But a couple of newspapers always landed too close to the sprinklers or on top of someone’s roof.

College students didn’t have super expensive smartphones to call their parents and ask for more money or to gossip to their friends about what Karen did the night before. 

So, they had to wait in line for a chance to use a public phone.

No one bothers reading what’s inside the album covers of CDs, mainly because everyone listens to music on Spotify or their iPhones. 

But in the ‘70s, kids would actually take the time to look at the photos and read about the fun tidbits behind their vinyl albums.

Unlike the extremely bold and over the top advertising designs of today’s world, supermarkets in the ‘70s had products with straightforward packaging and the aisles were tidier than the ones you’d find in today’s markets.

Oh, and you didn’t have a trillion different flavors of potato chips!

A guy would instantly become a total chick magnet if they owned a custom van with bold designs, artwork and neon colors on the outside. 

But in today’s modern world, many folks would swipe left on Tinder if they found out you drive one of these.


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