20 Impressive Things You Didn't Know About Islam

What exactly is the Islam? Many people talk about it, but only few really know about it. Especially in global politics the Islam, as the Middle East play a very important role. But the worst about it is, that this global religion is victim of wrong interpretation and prejudices. That's why I want to show you 20 incredible (positive) things you didn't know about the Islam.

The First University In The World Has Been Funded By Two Arabian Women

The first university in the world was funded 859 AD in Fez, Morocco. The Al-Qarawiyyin University wasn’t just founded in an Arabian country, but actually by two Muslim women, Fatima and Miriam al-Firhi. It is the oldest still operating degree-awarding university in the world.And something literature fans might know is, that the oldest still standing library in the world is part of this university.

Muslim Women Were The First To Have Some Basic Rights

Read this! Muslim women were the first to have some basic rights! So please stop telling that the Islam treats women badly. The Holy Muslim Prophet Muhammad was married to a Woman much older than him, who owned a successful trade business and was known for her wealth and success during the era. Further, over 1400 years ago, Islam granted women many basic rights, like the freedom to own their property, economic rights, the right to seek divorce, to inherit, to remarry and even to carry out economic deals independently. The education of girls became a sacred duty with the advent of Islamic Law and womens consent was necessary for a legitimate marriage contract. In the Quran Muhammad even said “It is the duty of every Muslim man AND woman to seek knowledge”. It isn’t my intention to throw shade, but women in Europe and America were denied to own their own property until the 18th century.

By Islamic Law Women Aren't Forced To Cover Up

The hijab, or head cover, like less informed people would call it isn’t actually an obligation. And first of all to make it clear, you shouldn’t slutshame someone, so neither you should criticize someone for covering up. Actually Islamic law doesn’t force women to go beyond their comfort zone. So if they don’t want to cover up they don’t need to. Like any other article of clothing, wearing the hijab or any other cover up is a choice. It is required in most branches of Islam, or especially in countries like Saudi Arabia, but in most places not obligatory. For example when you travel to Morocco or Egypt you will see many women dressed up like any other western women.

You Will Meet Muslims From All Around The World

Most people still believe that the Islam is only present in the Middle East. But actually Muslims are all around the world.
In fact 80% of Muslims live outside of the Arabic World.
The biggest Muslim country is Indonesia, before India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
And there are even European countries that have a mostly Muslim population, for example Albania.

Even Though They Won't Eat Pork, Doesn't Mean That They Will I hate You For Doing So

Pork is a very unhygienic meet, and you could get sick really fast. The idea why you shouldn’t eat pork, actually is based on the fact that centuries ago and still today people don’t have a fridge. And pork meet is really sensitive, and you could dye eating bad pork meat. Further, pork is a meat you need to cook really good, otherwise it can contains very dangerous diseases. So here you go, now you know why Muslims aren’t supposed to eat pork, which doesn’t mean that they will criticize you for doing it. Hey, everybody his own.

The Renaissance Was Based On Ideas From The Middle East

The advancements in Europe during the Renaissance were based on ideas brought by Muslims from the Islamic World. So in fact the famous Renaissance, wasn’t truly European or Christian, the ideas were actually Arabian. So be grateful for the major historical advances, based on somebody else’s culture.

Allah Isn't A Name

Allah just means God, it isn’t actually a name. You could translate Allah by god or lord. In fact even Christians in the Middle East use the word Allah to refer to god. In fact, anyway we all have the same God. Your god, is my god and is his god. We shouldn’t make differences with that.

Muslims Aren't Against Freedom Of Speech

Muslims aren’t against freedom of speech; they just don’t appreciate if you are being disrespectful. But to be honest, really faithful Christians wouldn’t like either if you are making fun of Jesus, or don’t speak with a Hindu and make fun about Ganesh or any other of their gods. So seriously stop talking about freedom of speech when the subject is religion. Because being respectful and not insult somebody’s believe isn’t the same as to forbid somebody to have their own opinion or to talk about it.

Amazing Things Have Been Invented By Arabians

Many great inventions were made by Arabians. For example the Arabic numeral system, algebra or trigonometry.
Further the first hospital for mental illness was funded in Egypt by Ahmad ibn Tulun. Al-Zahrawi was known as the father of surgery. He perfected surgical tools and methods that are still used nowadays. The process of distillation was also developed by an Arabian. And in 1979 Abdus Salam won the Nobel price for physics for his work on the unification of electromagnetics and weak forces. And did you know that the first aviator, who attempt to create a flying machine was Jabr Ibn Hayyan in 852 (obviously it didn’t work, but still amazing.)

They Don't Hate Dogs, They Just Prefer Cats

Muhammed loved cats, that’s why Muslims rather prefer cats than dogs, which doesn’t mean that they hate dogs.
Muhammad owned cats and praised them. His favorite one was named Muezza. Cats appear all the time in Islamic art and many well-known scholars owned them and adored them.

Bella Hadid is Muslim

There are many famous Muslim people. For example there are Athletes, rappers, youtubers and actors. Or let’s just think about Muhammed Ali (RIP), Amal Clooney, Lupe Fiasco, Bella Hadid, T-Pain, Shaquille O'Neal, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Iman, Akon, Omar Sharif, Mike Tyson or Ice Cube, they’re famous and they’re Muslim.

Islam Stands For Peace

The Arabic word “Islam” means “peace”, “security”, and “surrender”. The word “Muslim” means actually “one who peacefully surrenders to God”. Anyone from any race or any religion could actually be called Muslim; in other words, “Muslim” does not refer to a particular race.

Muslims Make A Fifth Of The Worlds Population

There are over 1.5 billion Muslims in the world today, which is as much as approximately a fifth of the world’s population. So Islam is a truly global faith and not just belongs to a particular race, nation or skin color. Islam is represented in all countries of the world.

Thomas Jefferson Owned A Copy Of the Quran

Former President Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of America, had his own personal copy of the Quran which he used to read from time to time. So you see you don’t need to be Muslim, to be interested in the culture.

Muslims Believe In Jesus

Listen to this. Even in the Islam people believe in Jesus and Mary. Actually, Muhammad is mentioned only 4 times in the Quran by name, and Jesus is mentioned 25 times by name!

The Five Pillars

Islams belief is based upon five pillars: Testimony of faith (Shahada), Prayer (Salat), Charity (Zakat), Fasting (Sawm) and Pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj).

They Believe In Equality

Islam teaches their believers to be kind to their neighbors, Muslims AND non-Muslims, they don’t make a difference.  Human is human no matter which religion they belong to.
Actually they learn that killing one person is like killing all of mankind. They are taught “for me, my religion. For you, your religion.”

Polygamy Is Not For Everybody

Even tough Polygamy is legal in most Arabian countries, Islam is the only religion, which says that if a man can not deal correctly between multiple wives and treat them well, he should only marry one. One of Muhammads sayings is that, "...the best among you are those who treat their wives well." He never said directly that you should marry multiple women. So don’t use your own interpretation over the subject.

Islam Is Not Terrorism!