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20 Blatant Movie Mistakes That Will Leave You Shaking Your Head

A Stormtrooper Blatantly Hits His Head

Source: Coub
For longtime fans of the Star Wars series, they know that Stormtroopers can’t hit the broad side of a barn most times with their blaster. While they can’t hit their enemies from 5 feet away, they certainly have no problem hitting their foreheads on blast doors, as the stormtrooper on the right in this scene clearly does here. Make sure to re-watch A New Hope and keep a watchful eye.

A Lamborghini Aventador In 1985?

Source: Car Throttle
Dallas Buyers Club was a fantastic movie, but with all due respect, they didn’t have Lamborghini Aventadors back in 1985. They came out in 2011. Look at the poster behind Matthew McConaughey. Speaking of things that weren’t made yet..

Marty McFly’s Guitar Wasn’t Made Yet

Source: Life In The Danger Zone
Marty McFly’s guitar from Back To The Future is gorgeous, but the Gibson ES-345 wasn’t made until 1959, a full four years after the events of the movie. Oops!

Indy Never Really Faced The Snake

Source: Business Insider
When Indy drops down into a hidden room to fetch the Ark of the Covenant in the first Indiana Jones movie, a snake is literally right there to greet him. To pull this off on film, they had to put a glass window between Harrison Ford and the snake. The problem is when the lightning flashes later on in the scene you can clearly see the snake’s reflection in the glass.

Legolas Has Brown Eyes, Then Blue

Source: Huffington Post
The Lord of the Rings was a smash hit film series, so it makes sense that the studio decided to make a trilogy of “The Hobbit” story as well. Peter Jackson made two mistakes though. For one he included Legolas in the movies despite the character not being mentioned anywhere in the books. Second, he turned his eyes blue instead of the brown we were used to in the original LOTR trilogy. This doesn’t make sense because people’s eyes straight up don’t change colors.

Lily Potter’s Eyes Aren’t Brown

Source: Pinterest
People constantly tell Harry in the Harry Potter series that he has his Mother’s eyes. The problem is Lily Potter’s eyes are constantly mentioned as green in the Harry Potter books, however in the movie her eyes are brown. You had one job, guys..

The Airplane In Ancient Greece

Source: Fabweb This “mistake” actually isn’t one. Photoshoppers back in the day surgically added this airplane off in the distance behind the head of Achilles and passed it off as a movie mistake. The internet ran with it and here we are years later still talking about it. This next mistake, however, actually is one..

A Cowboy In Pirates of the Caribbean

Source: Yahoo While the airplane behind Achilles was photoshopped, this background mistake in Pirates of the Caribbean wasn’t. That’s clearly a member of the film crew taking a look at what I can only imagine are the crystal blue waters of the South Atlantic.

Gas Tank In Ancient Rome

Source: Huffington Post
Gas tanks helped power the chariots during filming of “Gladiator,” but filmmakers never intended for them to be seen by the audience. When this chariot topples over in the Coliseum scene near the middle of the movie, they’re clearly exposed.

The Van In Braveheart

Source: Viralshack
Braveheart is by many accounts a fantastic movie that won Best Picture in 1996. However, even the most well-made movies have their flaws, like this van that’s clearly speeding across the Scottish landscape behind the army of horses.

Cinderella’s Wardrobe Malfunction

Source: Trend-Chaser
Well, unless Cinderella can get changed extremely fast, the fact that she’s wearing two different colored outfits in the same scene don’t make any sense. Oh, and one’s long-sleeved while the other is short-sleeved.

Brad Cooper’s Baby Isn’t Real

Source: Fandango American Sniper is another Oscar-nominated movie on the list that isn’t without its share of flaws. See Bradley’s thumb? He’s using it to move the baby’s hand to make it look real. When asked about it later Brad Cooper said he “couldn’t believe we were doing it.”

Kid Covers His Ears In North By Northwest

Source: The RPF
This kid clearly knew there was going to be a gunshot going off. Perhaps he could’ve told the main characters?

Julia Roberts’ Croissant Turns Into A Pancake

Source: Scribol “Pretty Woman” was kind of like Julia Roberts’ coming out party, and rightfully so, she was amazing in it. However, she was eating a croissant one second and a pancake the next and there’s absolutely no excuse for that. I’m looking at you, filmmakers.

Uneven Rain In Tombstone

Source: Daily Forest
We get it, it doesn’t always rain right when movie makers need it to, so they improvise by spraying water up in the air to make it look like it is. However in this scene in Tombstone it’s pretty obvious there’s no rain falling about 40 yards from the main character. Unless there’s a black cloud following him around everywhere, this isn’t realistic at all.

No Jack, There Is No Lake Wissota

Source: Vanity Fair
In Titanic, Leonardo Dicaprio talks about ice fishing back home on Lake Wissota with his family, but the only problem is Lake Wissota wasn’t filled until five years after the Titanic sank in 1917.

Plane Numbers Change In Terminator 3

Source: London Bleep Terminator 3 wasn’t the greatest movie ever, but it had a few fun scenes. Unfortunately it had a pretty glaring mistake in that the numbers on the plane they use change throughout the film. Speaking of bad movies..

There’s A Movie Camera In The Reflection

Source: Fabweb As if we needed any other excuse to tear Twilight to shreds, here’s yet another. In the scene near the beginning of the movie, there’s a reflection of the movie camera in the window of Bella’s car.

How Does Amidala Know About The Hangar?

Source:Wall Devil
When Queen Amidala falls out of the military speeder in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones near the end of the movie, she tells the clone troopers that they need to get to the hangar to help Obi-Wan and Anakin. The only problem is there’s no way she could’ve know that’s where they were going, as they were simply following Count Dooku in pursuit.

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