18 Photos Proving That We Live in a World Full of Absurdity

This is an ice cream cone ordering an ice cream cone from an ice cream cone.

This world and the people in it will never stop surprising us: every day brings new and sometimes absurd surprises. Some people laugh when they see them, and others get angry. We prefer the former — people who laugh often live longer.

It doesn't get any more inception than this! This is an ice cream cone ordering an ice cream cone from an ice cream cone. That employee behind the counter must've lost his mind!

Is this the TV’s grave? No, someone just decided to decorate the information screen.

Somebody clearly has some terrible design sense here. First of all, why would you mount a TV onto a concrete pillar in the middle of the room, even if it were intended to be for an information center.

What's worse is how someone dropped the flowers beside the screen and it literally looks like a memorial site.

“You have parked in the wrong place. I’ll give you a ticket. Oh, sorry, my mistake.”

This police officer learned the hard way that you can't take life too seriously. Some little pranksters sculpted a fake car, double parked out on the street.

In his defense, it really does take getting a but closer to the car to really figure that out, so our hats are off to those crafty kids.

Indian January 1st

Do they have a different number of days in December over there in India?

It would appear that either there's some confusion on the number of days in the month, or they have a negligent printing system.

“They stole my toilet... I’m not making this up. Still waiting for the police.”

Who steals a toilet? Did you have a golden toilet or something?

This is one of those absurd moments where all you can ask is, how in the world does this make any sense?

And this is the other way around. Looks like the toilet stole someone right from the office. It only left their shoes and underwear.

Was the crime scene in there really that bad that you had to leave your underwear and flip-flops behind? That must've been one of the most embarrassing moments for somebody out there with one of the worst stomach-problem days ever.

We feel for you.

And where are you supposed to wash your hands?

Let's be honest here, these are some confusing instructions.

Without a doubt, these signs were constructed before they saw the designs of the actual sinks themselves because otherwise it wouldn't look like the example was peeing into the sink!

You wanted ads to be fair?

Wow, this guy knows how to properly guilt trip his customers. And it works pretty well too!

If we were to walk buy this sign, there's no doubt they've earned our business with this bold statement.

“This restaurant Photoshopped toast onto their breakfast platter on their sign.”

It doesn't even look like it's on the plate. Its literally levatating above the rest of the breakfast.

I think we can all agree here that if anything about a breakfast should float like it's holier than thou...its the bacon. Needless to say, they found a new graphic designer after this blunder!

“There’s a butterfly in my ocean puzzle.”

The best part about this is that it must've taken a while to draw that butterfly in there. So the artist must've started in on it, realized what a huge mistake they just made, and had no choice but to finish it up and hope that nobody noticed...

We noticed.

“The underwater scene puzzle my kids got.”

Okay, we all have flaws, but this one is too easy to not mess up. How hard could it be to put the right puzzle in the right box over there at the puzzle factory? Puzzle factory?

Is that a thing? Well regardless, they some ignorance floating in the water over there.

“A photo of my grandmother who dries clothes.”

As absurd as this looks, having a mannequin could definitely have its perks. I mean, have you ever hung your clothes up to dry and they've maintained the marks from the hanger or from the clothes pins?

Well, imagine how perfect they would dry if they maintained your shape. Simply innovative.

A Scottish snowman

Apparently, Scottish snowmen are gymnasts too.

You wouldn't expect Frosty to balance too well on once hand but this picture sure proves us wrong in that regard.

“$275 required Spanish textbook is loose leaf paper wrapped in cellophane.”

Schools and classes know how to take their students' money more than they know how to actually teach the material.

It's moments like this that forces us to believe that the whole thing is a scam.

“USPS bent my diploma. I have no words.”

That's the most expensive piece of paper you'll ever pay for. Year after year, class after class, you've worked your tail to the bone to get a good GPA, walk at graduation, make some memories, and hopefully gain enough experience to get a decent job after school.

The least they could do was ready the bold print on the front of the envelope that says "DO NOT FOLD".

“Your security force, openly soliciting work from private criminals.”

Let's call this what it is. This is knowing your market and putting some creativity to good use.

Our hats are off to this police department for getting crafty in catching drug dealers.

At least both hands are free.

We get the feeling she has a better grip on this pole than most.

We just just hope she had some sanitizer wipes for that pole before she got off at her stop...gross.