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20 Secret Uses For VapoRub Almost Nobody Knows

VapoRub has become a very common household product, but we bet you didn’t know how useful it could be. Sure, its main use is to relieve chest and nasal congestion, but did you know there are a million other ways VapoRub can make your life better? When your cold is gone and you have some leftover Vicks, don’t throw the container away because you can use it to solve one of these other common problems!

Insect Repellant

Do you live in an area that’s seasonally infested with mosquitos, flies, or other annoying insects?Well, believe it or not, VapoRub can keep the bugs from bugging you. They hate the smell of eucalyptus, which is very strong in VapoRub. So all you have to do is dab it behind your ears and it will keep them away. Now you don’t have to choke on bug spray as you cover every inch of yourself in it.

Puppy Training

Are you having trouble training your puppy? You can use VapoRub to keep your pets from going to the bathroom in the house and on that favorite rug of yours. All you have to do is put some VapoRub on the spot where your pup likes to mark its territory and they’ll stay away. They hate the powerful smell.

Stretch Marks

Ever hear of the Freshman 15? For many, that surprising weight gain may have felt like it came on all too quickly and now the body is reacting in a weird way…stretch marks. Sure, there are creams that claim to get rid of the marks and embarrassment, but as it turns out, VapoRub heals your stretch marks even faster.


Do you have chronic migraines? Well along with your everyday pain relief medicine like Advil, Tylenol, and Aleve, you can ease migraines by applying Vicks onto your temples. In fact, it’s so powerful that it can work all by itself without the help of other medications. Just apply to your temples, and lay down for about twenty minutes and you’ll notice a huge difference.

Muscle Relaxer

Do you constantly work out? Did you know you can soothe aching muscles by rubbing some Vicks into them? That cooling sensation is exactly what your muscles really need to relax and reduce the aching. You’re going to be using a little bit of VapoRub after every workout.


Did you know you could dry up acne breakouts with just a dab of VapoRub on a zit? It will eliminate pimples overnight. This could be a game changer for teenagers who’ve been relying on expensive acne creams that also turn any fabric orange they come in contact with.

Foot Fungus

Is your spouse pressuring you into seeing the podiatrist for your gross feet? Well, you can use VapoRub to heal your foot fungus and soften callouses by applying it nightly. This very well could save you that trip to the foot doctor where you may have wound up spending an arm and a leg for medication to get rid of that fungus.

Scratched Furniture

Is your furniture getting ruined by your cat because they’re scratching everything in the house? Well, you can keep your cat from scratching everything you own by wiping a bit of VapoRub on their favorite scratching places. This will stop them in their tracks, and relieve you of your furniture nightmare they’ve been putting you through.


Have you ever had an earache from flying in planes or from being underwater too long? Well, you can easily rid yourself of that pain if you saturate a cotton ball with VapoRub and leave it in the infected ear. As it turns out, this will reduce both pain and inflammation.


Do you live in a highly populated tick region? If you ever find that you’ve been bitten by a tick or that one is stuck on a pet, you can use VapoRub to safely remove ticks without breaking them apart and risking infection. Just wipe some over the tick and they’ll release on their own. It’s always a struggle to get a tick to release without splitting their body from their head, so VapoRub solves that problem for you.

Head Cold

Are you suffering from the common head cold? Well, you can put a stop to a runny nose and uneasy headaches in quite the surprising way. Try spreading some on your feet to banish cold symptoms. Your feet absorb the medicinal properties of VapoRub and you should wake up feeling totally restored!


Do you bruise easily? Try using Vicks to help heal your unattractive bruises. Bruises are actually a pocket of blood that’s close to the surface of your skin. VapoRub reduces the appearance of bruising by driving that blood-pocket away from the surface of the skin.


If you’re in a jam, VapoRub can be used as an antiseptic for cuts, too! Dabbing your cuts with the product can help heal them fast and prevent infection.

Sinus Headaches

As you may have imagined, VapoRub clears up sinus headaches fast. That menthol feature is sure to open up your sinuses and let you breathe again. Sudafed might be the first thing people with sinus headaches go for so that they can breathe through their noses, but if swallowing pills aren’t for you, this is a great option to go with instead.


You can also treat Eczema with VapoRub. All you have to do is spread a very thin layer over the itchy area of your skin, and let it sit until it dries into your skin. If it doesn’t do the trick the first time around, give it one more go and it will surely relieve you of that itching terror.


Did you know that VapoRub can clear up fingernail or toenail fungus? If your fingernails are looking yellow and you just haven’t figured out how to get them back to their clear and white perfection, all you have to do is dip your nail in the VapoRub and leave it covered for about thirty or forty minutes. Do this once a night for a week and you’ll be rid of your fungi for sure.

Tennis Elbow

VapoRub isn’t just a healing product for skin-level issues. In fact, it gets beyond the skin and can heal tennis elbow by rubbing Vicks onto the area that hurts. It digs deep down and targets that aching joint with the applied varience in temperature on that area of the body.

Reducing Belly Fat

You can use Vicks VapoRub to reduce belly fat. To do this, mix one tablespoon of baking soda, one tablespoon of crushed camphor, one tablespoon of alcohol, and half a jar of Vicks. Then, stir it until it becomes a paste. Now, apply this solution to your belly and wrap it with saran wrap and perform your cardio exercise. Once you are finished, rinse it off and continue for several weeks.


Vicks VapoRub can also be used when removing a splinter. If you rub a small amount on top of the affected area before you take it out with tweezers, it will help cool and ease the pain you feel when it pinches the nerve endings on your skin.



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