17 GIFs of 'Star Wars'-Inspired Dances That Will Blow Your Jedi Mind

'Star Wars' Gets 'Happy' in Tunisia

Decades after "Star Wars" burst onto the big screen, it's still going strong in more and more creative ways. Even in dance. Yes, surely, as you watched and re-watched the films, you knew there needed to be "Star Wars"-themed dances, right? Well, good news: Many fellow fans thought the same thing.

Here's a little sampler from the universe of YouTube. Who can resist Pharrell's Williams's "Happy"? Even hardcore Sith Lords will be clapping along to this desert video by Star Wars Tunisia, including Darth, R2-D2 and all the gang.

He's 'Bad'

At the now-defunct Hyperspace Hoopla portion of Star Wars Weekend 2013, this Darth Vader was joined by Boba Fett for a version of Michael Jackson's "Bad" that is so bad it's outrageously good.

Head to Head

How to bring balance to the Force? Try a Jedi vs.

Sith like this one at the 2016 Salt Lake Comic Con.

Gotta Cut Loose!

So Chewbacca and a Jawa meet on stage...and throw down an excellent "Footloose!"

Tapping Across the Galaxy

"Star Wars" and Postmodern Jukebox are both concerned with what happened a "long, long time ago." So this mashup is a perfect match.

And tap dancer Sarah Reich simply slays it.

Dark Side Riverdance

Dance is for everyone.

Including toy Sith Lords in synchronized Irish step dancing!

The Charleston. In a Galaxy Far Away

It's a Gatsby-ish galaxy far, far away… and on the British television show "Strictly Come Dancing," the Roaring 20s meets the Rebel Alliance!

Rey Takes the Stage

Competition dancers: Be inspired by 7-year-old Cameron and her dance interpretation of Rey from "The Force Awakens."

'Troopers Dance the YMCA

It's nice to know the clone army can get have a good meal and hang out with all the boys.

This YMCA re-edit comes from an original ScottDW clip.

Cantina Scene Take Two

Wow! The Atlanta Hawks' dance squad took to the floor in Star Wars costumes and danced to the original "Cantina" scene.

Serious points for originality!

C-3PO in the Spotlight

Literally, here is a robot doing The Robot. Bet you never saw that coming.

But that's what happened at Hyperspace Hoopla during Star Wars Weekends, circa 2011.

Stormtroopers Wedding Whip

These groomsmen know how to put on a show, doing the "Whip Nae Nae" in Storm Troopers helmets.

We might have to wait for more sequels to have this happen on the big screen!

Luke, je suis ton père

This 1977 French variety show clip features an epic dance battle between a team of Darth Vaders and a team of C-3POs set to a disco "Star Wars" theme that ruled the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks the same year.

Double Feature!

At Dance.com, we love "Dirty Dancing." So this clip of Luke and Leia dancing to "I Had the Time of My Life," at the Celebration V Last Trip to Endor Party at Disney's Hollywood Studios, has us swooning!

Storming the White House

President Obama and the First Lady danced with Stormtroopers in the White House on May 4, 2016...

"May the 4th Be With You!"

He's Chewy and He Knows It

It's too bad Disney ended the Hyperspace Hoopla series at Walt Disney World in 2014.

This Dance-Off with the Star Wars Stars from 2012 featured an afro'd Chewbacca channeling Redfoo, backed up by the Cantina Band and Sexy Leia.