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17 Amazing Facts About Avicii

Avicii was one of the youngest DJ’s to make it to the top of the EDM music scene.  The young artist died at the age of 28 on Friday, April 20th. The Swedish DJ and producer had just retired from touring in 2016, and he was best known for radio hits such as, “Hey Brother”, “Wake Me Up”, and “Without You.” Here are some facts about the late DJ that will make you remember his legacy.


Avicii’s real name was Tim Bergling and he’s originally from Stockholm, Sweden. It’s said that he made over $250,000 a night when he would play at the biggest nightclubs or festivals around the world. He was ranked 3rd in the DJ Mag’s top 100 DJ list, right after Test and Armin Van Buuren.


Sweden’s Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia landed Avicii for their wedding during one of his most hectic years in which he had to cancel several performances. The news was first confirmed by the DJ’s mom after she told a Swedish radio station that she had been invited to the royal palace.


Avicii has said that his stage name is derived from Avici, which is the lowest level of Buddhist hell. When Avicii went to go sign up for the music profile on MySpace, the name was already taken, so he added another ‘I’, hence Avicii.


When asked who his influences in the music industry are, he said, “I’ve always been into music, and growing up with older siblings. I’ve also had loads of different influences when it comes to my music taste. There are loads of other people that have influenced me but I think the biggest inspirations I’ve had aside from my manager has been the Swedish House Mafia guys and Eric Prydz, they were the ones who first got me into house!


He discovered his passion for music during his senior year of high school, when he started making mixes in his own bedroom. He was eventually discovered by his manager, Ash Pournouri, who came across one of his blogs and invited him to go out for a coffee. It was from there that he signed his management deal.


Avicii was also a model. He joined up with Ralph Lauren for their Denim & Supply campaign and released a special edit of his hit song, “Silhouettes” for the promotion.


Avicii dedicated a lot of time and money towards his charity work. The Dj’s end goal? He believes that there is a way to end world hunger. He started his own organization called, “House for Hunger” back in 2011, with his Ash Pournouri. Just a year after he catapulted into stardom, he made a seven digit donation to Feeding America, a U.S. based network of food banks fighting hunger around the world.


  Avicii didn’t only get inspiration from other music artists. He also gathered inspiration from his fans. In January 2013, the DJ began a project entitled, “Avicii X You”. Over 4,000 sounds were submitted for the song, and all of them were carefully incorporated into the final track.


  Avicii leaves behind a pretty big legacy. For over twenty-five years, Roxette’s “The Look”, was the longest #1 track for a Swedish artist in the USA. However, when Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” was released, it stayed on top of the charts for over six weeks, the Dj then took that honor for his own.



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