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15 Ways Youre Damaging Your Hair Without Knowing It

All women want perfect, shiny and bouncy hair, but we don’t want the damage that comes with achieving such looks. Check some tips for keeping your hair healthy and styled, while avoiding these 15 damaging things.

15. You Sleep With A Hair Tie

I’m sure you’ve heard that wearing your hair tied up every day can cause breakage, and the same goes with sleeping with an elastic band. However, wrapping your hair in a silk bandana or using a soft scrunchie reduces the chances of breakage if you must sleep with your hair tied back.

14. You Brush Your Hair While It’s Wet

Brushing your hair while it’s wet can lead to stretching the strands to the point of breakage. It’s recommended to use a wide-toothed comb if you must brush your damp locks. And remember to be gentle!

13. You Sleep On Rough Pillow Cases

Rough cotton pillow cases can damage your hair by pulling on it and causing breakage while you sleep. The professionals recommend using silk pillow cases to keep your locks in tip-top shape.

12. You Use A Lot Of Dry Shampoo

Over-using dry shampoo causes build up and clogs hair follicles. Plus, if you aren’t using a shampoo for both scalp and hair when rinsing out dry shampoo, you risk leaving residue. Ew!

11. You Wear The Same Ponytail Every Day

Constantly tying your hair up in the same position each day causes stress and tension that results in damage. Change your ponytail up every other day, and opt to wear your hair down to reduce the breakage caused by elastic bands.

10. You Towel Dry Your Hair

Towel drying hair can be rough on your delicate strands. In order to avoid damage by drying, try using a soft cloth instead.

9. You Skip Heat Protection

Not only do hot tools damage your hair on their own, but you risk even more breakage by skipping heat protectant. Ask your stylist for recommendations on the best heat protection sprays for your hair type.

8. You Brush From Top To Bottom

Instead of starting at the roots, work out the tangles near the bottom of your hair first. That way, you avoid pulling on the strands too much when you do work the comb from the roots to your ends.

7. You Bleach Your Hair Every Time You Visit The Salon

Bleaching your hair every time you have a salon appointment is one of the worst things you can do to your strands! Eventually, your hair will become brittle and start to break off after too many bleaching sessions.

6. You Go Months Without A Trim

Trimming your split-ends every few months stops them from traveling up the strand. Haircuts don’t necessarily help your hair grow longer, but they do stop the damage from spreading.

5. You Blow Dry And Style Your Hair Daily

Constantly using heat to style your hair will eventually result in damage that can only be fixed by a hair cut. If you must style your hair, try to reduce the time you use hot tools. For example, try to straighten your hair as you blow dry it, or use this awesome brush that straightens your hair in less time.

4. You’re Constantly Touching Your Hair

Constantly running your fingers through your hair or picking at split-ends only results in causing more damage. This is one habit it’s best to break!

3. You Spend A Lot Of Time In Heated Buildings

Even having the heater on in a building can dry out your hair! It’s important to take note of extreme temperature changes so you can use the proper products.

2. You’re In The Sun A Lot

Just as a heater can dry out your hair, so can the sun. Be sure to use a good moisturizer if you plan to catch some rays.

1. You Constantly Fight With Your Hair

If you find yourself constantly trying to tame your hair with hot tools and products, maybe it’s time to try a new routine!


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