15 Of The Funniest Things People Have Actually Been Caught Doing

"In college saw a girl miss the door and hit her shoulder. She lowered her head and picked up her pace, then she looked back to see who had witnessed her misfortune, only to run into a professor who was holding a soda.

She was soaked." -Reddit user sweet-science

"I was at the gym one night (morning) around 1:30, and because of the odd time, there was only me and two other people working out. As I was ellipticaling away, I look over to the weights area to see this huge, muscular bloke dancing up on a weight bench. Homeboy is going to town, teaching Beyoncé a thing or two about grinding on surfboards.

All of a sudden, he grabs onto the top of the pole and attempts to do a stripper-like twirl. His ridiculous amount of muscle weight+ there being no weight on the bench, caused the structure to fall over on him. As horrific as it sounds, nothing beats seeing a 200+ lbs man trying to pole dance like a queen." -Reddit user sp00keyscary

"I'm going to hell for this. I once saw two midgets trying to put a pack of 24 on top of the cash register as they wanted to pay for it." -Reddit user BirchBosco

"My friend and I were walking around a shopping center, we were like 12. Across the parking lot from us, in front of a store, were two big bushes surrounded by a 2.5-foot brick wall. A man and woman came through jogging, the man somehow did not see the wall and ran right into it, falling face forward into bushes.

Just seeing it happen all at once made my friend and I bust out laughing so hard we couldn't walk or speak for a few minutes. Another guy was walking toward us, and he said "You're laughing now, that's gonna be you in 20 years." -Reddit user theytookourjerbs

"My sister and I were on vacation visiting my grandparents in Wisconsin. There's not much to do there, so we're outside playing with a Frisbee. My sister, about 9 at the time, is excited because I made a good throw, and she was about to make a good catch. "I got it!" she yelled. And then her foot caught in a croquet hoop.

She went straight. Down. I wish I had it on camera. Over a decade later, it's still the funniest thing I've seen." -Reddit user imlumpy

"My friend and I were playing tag in elementary school, and I was it. So I was chasing my friend all around the playground, and he decides to run up the slide.

At exactly that moment, somebody was trying to ride down the slide. The look on my friend's face was priceless as he realized his mistake, and then got plowed right over the side of the thing." -Reddit user 4clvvess

"Called out to a teacher, he looked over to me about two seconds before walking straight into a pole.

Cried with laughter for about eight minutes." -Reddit user dunnowhatmaybe

"Just the other day, I was driving with my girlfriend when we had to slam on the brakes for this old shirtless man riding an electric wheelchair on the wrong side of the road. We stopped to try and switch lanes, but he was just stared at us, smiling and waving to us.

It was one of the most random things I have experienced. He just looked so happy to see everyone." -Reddit user mrjman3465

"Two homeless guys racing down 315 and onto 71 in Columbus, Ohio, one in a brand new Camaro with 30-day tags, the day it came out, and the other in a brand new Mustang, also with 30-day tags.

Both are looking like they hadn't touched anything for a year or more that wasn't trash." -Reddit user LetMeGDPostAlready

"My friend fell asleep on my couch. When we woke him up so he could catch his ride home, he tried to put a burger king bag on his foot like a shoe.

He tried for a very long time, looking down at the bag and up at us, not able to understand why his shoe didn't fit and why we were laughing." -Reddit user (deleted)

"In 5th grade, a door fell off one of the stalls in the washroom, and one girl brought it into the classroom because she didn't know what to do.

The teacher (and every kid in the class, including me) laughed for five minutes straight before doing anything." -Reddit user ALoverofTea

"I was on a subway this one time, and I don't know if this guy was drunk as hell or just super, super tired but he'd knock out and slide his whole body and fall asleep on anyone who sat next to him.

That was the one time I couldn't hold my laugh because it was hilarious, especially with the way people jumped up." -Reddit user desirepink

"My friend at work was running from a bee when she fell over in slow motion. Somehow ended up landing on her back with her hands and feet straight up in the air.

Had to run to the bathroom to avoid peeing my pants from laughter." -Reddit user niteflirtgirl

"This morning, one of the weird people on my bus slipped and fell when he was getting on. I felt bad at first, but I almost burst out laughing.

He's the kind of guy that takes up too much space because he has to sit with his legs crossed and talks on his phone way too loud, it's really annoying." -Reddit user Median2

"My husband put our daughter into bed for the night. He bent over to tuck her in and lost his balance. His hands came down, gripping the side of the mattress.

The bed was on a wooden floor. It had wheels. I think nothing more needs to be said." -Reddit user Pogwaddle