15 Most Expensive Food Items Around The World

We all eat a variety of food items on a regular basis and sometimes opt for specialties that are a little more expensive. But, there are expensive foods and then there are insanely expensive foods. Those are considered small luxuries and only a few people can taste them throughout their lives depending on the depth of their pockets. If you are curious about what the most expensive foods in the world are then you are at the right place. Here are the top 15 costliest foods.

1. Almas Cavier One kilogram of this caviar will set you back the same amount as some brand new cars. The cost is due to the albino sturgeon's low egg production since they only produce eggs once every 100 years! So, if you want to taste some of the world's best caviar, you'd better have deep pockets. You might have to $34,500 for one kilogram.
2. White Truffles White truffles are much more costly than black truffles. These unique truffles are grown in Italy and Croatia in highly precise environments. They also have specific procedures for collecting and preserving them. These white truffles, known for their amazing flavor and fragrance, cost roughly $2100 in Europe.
3. Saffron The spice, dubbed 'Red Gold,' is the vibrant red stigma (or threads) of a crocus flower, and it's used as a culinary coloring component. It is more costly than gold, weight for weight. The reasons are simple: Saffron crocuses only bloom for a week or two each fall; collecting the spice is labor hard, and each little flower bears only three stigmas, implying that it takes around two football fields of crocuses to produce one kilogram of saffron. This flavourful spice costs more than $500 per ounce.
4. Wagyu Beef Wagyu simply means "Japanese Beef," and it can be sourced from one of four different breeds of Japanese cow. The meat is heavily marbled with fat, which renders down while cooking to make it soft, juicy, and melt in your mouth. The high price tag is entirely due to the raising process: in order to qualify for the Wagyu designation, cows must be grown and fed according to rigorous rules, with calves receiving special feed to ensure the trademark fatty marbling. In Japan, Kobe beef, one of the most sought-after cuts, can pay up to $600 per kilogram.
5. Matsuke Mushrooms Matsutake mushrooms are native to Japan. This is a rare mushroom type with a distinct sweet and peppery flavor. It takes some getting used to. Growing this mushroom is a difficult task, which is why it is so expensive. Matsutake mushrooms are only picked once a year, and there is always the threat of the pinewood nematode worm destroying their whole habitat. This is the most expensive mushroom in the world, selling for up to $600 a kilogram.
6. Ayam Cemani Black Chicken These Indonesian all-black chickens are said to have mystical qualities. Indonesians believe that chicken flesh has the ability to cure all types of ailments as well as provide good fortune. It's questionable if this is genuine or not; nonetheless, Cemani chickens sell for roughly $2,500, depending on size.
7. Foie Gras Foie gras is primarily prepared from force-fed goose liver and is extremely rich and fatty. It is unethical, but there are rising alternatives. It tastes similar to offal, has a silky texture, and is highly regarded by foodies. In Spain, "ethical foie gras" from La Pateria de Sousa may cost up to $700 per kilogram.
8. Iberian Ham Iberian ham is considered a delicacy and is often regarded as the best ham in the world. It is cut from the back leg of black pigs fed acorns, or bellota in Spanish. The acorns contain oleic acid, which gives the ham its flavor. This ham has a deep crimson color and a very rich flavor. It has matured between 24 and 36 months. A complete leg of Iberian ham may cost up to $4,500.
9. Bluefin Tuna Bluefin tuna from Japan is frequently ranked as the most expensive seafood in the world. There are various reasons for the high price. Due to its increased fat content, only bluefin tuna boasts strong marbling and a perfect balance of tastes when compared to other forms of tuna fish. Further, the cost of importing Japanese Bluefin into the United States adds to the price.
10. Yubari King Melons Because of their incredible sweetness, these melons are considered a luxurious gift in Japan. They are a cross between two different cantaloupes and are quite popular among Japanese people. A pair of Yubari King Melons sold at auction in 2008 for an eye-watering $27,229. That's more than $13,500 per person!
11. Moose Cheese This extremely uncommon cheese is one of the most costly in the world and is exclusively made at Sweden's Moose House Farm. It is only made from Gullan, Haelga, and Juno's milk. With each moose producing 5 liters of milk per day, and only from May to September, the farm can only sell 300 kg of cheese each year. A kilogram of moose cheese may cost up to $1074.
12. Kopi Luwak Coffee Kopi Luwak, or Civet coffee, is known for having the most costly production technique in the world. It is made from coffee beans that have been consumed by a palm civet or a civet cat. Their feces is collected, processed, and marketed as a special form of coffee. Kopi Luwak coffee may cost between $250 and $1200 per kilogram due to its scarcity and strong demand.
13. Swallow’s Nest Soup Swallows' Nest soup is a Chinese dish prepared from the nests of swallow birds. Their nests are virtually completely composed of saliva and contain no other external material. The high price is due to the way it is acquired which is extremely risky. Swallows make their nests on the cliffs, and gathering them is a difficult task that involves the risk of tumbling down the cliff. This fascinating meal may cost up to $3000 per kilogram.
14. Fugu Fish Only highly skilled and certified chefs are authorized to serve the Fugu or pufferfish, which is believed to be the most deadly in the world since its ingestion can be fatal if it is not prepared properly. Each fish costs roughly $300.
15. La Bonnotte Potatoes Yes, potatoes! Hard to wrap your head around it but yes. You have the right to suspect that these potatoes are not ordinary, nor do they taste like all others. They are a rare item found exclusively in Noirmoutier, Wester France, and are thought to be extinct. Demand for these potatoes is increasing throughout Europe, and they can be found at a staggering price in major department stores. La Bonnotte potatoes may cost up to $1600 per kg.