Who Are They? 20 Familiar Faces From Commercials

1. Verizon's "Can You Hear Me Now" Guy - Paul Marcarelli

When you think of famous actors, you usually think of those on the big screen or nightly TV shows. Some companies, however, have branded their company so well — through commercials — that some of these mascots are just as big as A-list celebrities. Who are they really though?

Just as anyone else, these icons have lives outside TV land and have appeared in movies and shows. How many of these commercial characters have you recognized?


3. Geico Caveman - John Lehr

Allstate Man - Dennis Haysbert FTVC_DHaysbert
You probably recognize him either as the lovable (and terrifying) Pedro Serrano in “Major League” and “Major League 2,” or as the President of the United States that Jack Bower was always trying to keep from getting killed on “24.”


5. AT&T's "It's Not Complicated" Guy - Beck Bennett

Progressive Insurance's Flo - Stephanie Courtney Progressive Insurance's Flo
Courtney has played the voices of Renee the Receptionist and Joy Peters on "Tom Goes to the Mayor," Marge on "Mad Men," and Diane on "Caveman." She has also appeared on "Men of a Certain Age."

5. AT&T's "It's Not Complicated" Guy - Beck Bennett


7. Pine Sol Lady

M&M's - Billy West (Red) / JK Simmons (Yellow) FTVC_BWestJKSimmons
Billy West is perhaps the most successful voice actor this side of Mel Blanc and JK Simmons recently won an Academy Award for his performance in “Whiplash.”


9. Singer for FreeCreditReport.com - Eric Violette

Diane Amos apfe5a64tjlxmsi8pkzg
Diane has made a small name for herself in the world of film after starring in "Patch Adams," "Angels in the Outfield," and most recently, "Blue Jasmine."

10. Mr.

11. Toyota's Jan - Laurel Coppock

Mayhem from Allstate - Dean Winters Mr Mayhem Allstate
Dean, more recently, has had roles in the sitcom "30 Rock," as well as the dramas "Rescue Me," "Law and Order: SVU," "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," and "Oz."

11. Orbit Gum Girl - Vanessa Branch

Orbit Gum Girl
Prior to Vanessa was crowned Miss Vermont in 1994 and competed in the 1995 Miss America Pageant.

12. Ocean Spray Guys - Justin Hagan & Henry Strozier

More recently, she played the character Giselle in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies.

12. Ocean Spray Guys - Justin Hagan & Henry Strozier


14. Jake From State Farm - Jake Stone

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like - Isaiah Mustafa The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
Before the Old Spice commercials, Isaiah was a football player for NFL Europe and attended practice squads for several US NFL teams. More recently, he played a small part in the first "Horrible Bosses" film.


16. Subway's Jared - Jared Fogle

The Wendy's Girl - Morgan Smith Goodman The Wendy's Girl
Morgan is still starting in the industry, and has only made a couple of appearances in some short films.

17. Lifecall "I've Fallen and I can't Get Up" Lady - Edith Fore

Edith Fore rose to fame as the original older lady (who actually has a name – Mrs.

18. Martin The Geico Gecko - Jake Wood

Fletcher. After she passed away in 1997, she was replaced first by Dorothy McHugh and later by Bea Marcus.


Pepsi Girl - Hallie Eisenberg maxresdefault
Hallie has been in a few movies since then, but you’re more than excused if you don’t recognize her based on what she looks like today.