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10 NFL Stars Who Are Physical Freaks And 10 Who Should Spend A Little More Time At The Gym!

It’s basically a given that NFL players have the athleticism that is beyond the average person. However, even in this league that is full of incredible athletes, there are still those who stand a little taller than the rest of them. There is a hand full of almost impossible athletes who belong in a league of their own. In the NFL, there is also a group of players who find different ways to make a living in the league even though they don’t have the right build, or they’re a tiny bit out of shape. This is actually very interesting when you consider the comparison between these athletes and the advanced ones. There is no reason why one group is better than the other, they are simply just different. In fact, we are incredibly impressed by their ability to compete in the pros even though they aren’t as physically fit as their peers. Let’s compare the physical conditioning in athletes in the NFL. Here are some of the top athletic freaks in the NFL along with players who may need to put in a few more hours at the gym.

Freak: Aaron Donald

The 2017 NFL Defensive Player of the Year was given gifts that appear as though they were from God, but they are really just the result of hard work. Aaron Donald’s incredible burst off the line and speed to destroy offensive plays before they even happen comes from countless hours of speed and agility work that he does with his trainers in the offseason. To improve his hand fighting technique when engaging with offensive linemen, Donald’s trainer, DeWayne Brown had Donald train to protect himself with someone swinging a knife at him. The video of this training isn’t for those weak of heart.

Freak: Tom Brady

Brady won the MVP award at age 40, and that’s really all there is to say about that. Sure, he isn’t the biggest, strongest, or the fastest, but he works as hard as any player in the NFL to make sure he is always playing his best. Love him or hate him, Brady is an athletic marvel to be playing at the level he is while in his 40’s.


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