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10 Gardening Tips to Make Your Neighbors Jealous

So, you are lucky enough to live in a neighborhood where your neighbors actually care about how their front yard looks. Congratulations! What about some friendly gardening competition? Here are 10 Gardening Hacks that will make your yard the envy of the town!

10. Hanging Garden

Number ten is one of the easiest hacks on this list. Create a tiered planting garden using a shower caddy to give your garden that extra personality. A clever way to give your garden a little more aesthetic life, find tiny planters or pots that will fit nicely into your shower caddy. Lengthy plants should be placed in the top tier and hanging plants should be placed on the bottom for a vine-effect. Then, hang your caddy somewhere that the whole neighborhood can see your healthy plants!

9. Beautiful Gradual Water Supply

How fancy would you feel walking through a restaurant that feeds its plants through wine bottles? Pretty luxurious, right? If your plants have a habit of drying out (especially during the summer months) using a slow-drip system may be more helpful for their survival and growth. Without installing an entire drip system, fill a wine bottle with water and place it upside down in the soil. This will keep your soil moisturized!

8. Coffee Ground Fertilizer

In supervised amounts, coffee grounds can help supplement the nutrients in your garden’s soil to keep it rich and lively. This hack will aid your plants’ growth. Think of it as a small-scale form of composting. Coffee acts as a fertilizer full of phosphorus and potassium that plants love to gobble up!

7. Natural Pesticides

We know how it feels to have your hard work go to waste. That is what it feels like to have a slug infestation in your garden. They seem to eat endlessly! Who would have known that leaving out fresh beer would be a great pesticide? As soon as the sun begins to set, pour a beer into a shallow bowl (that can hold beer and allow the slugs to crawl in for a drink) and let nature do its work.

6. DIY Trellis

Sometimes it feels like the amount of specialized equipment that goes into being a gardener costs more than its worth—especially with the danger of slugs around. Well, one way to reduce costs—and time is to replace the ol’ trellis with zip ties. Instead of spending hours trying to knot together a bamboo trellis with string, use zip ties instead. They are even stronger.

5. Decorative Stones

Garden rocks are smooth to the touch and add a nice accent to any garden. While they are primarily used to create proper drainage in your garden’s soil, they also have an alternative use! Using sharpie or acrylic paint, draw the name of your herb or flowers on the face of the stone. Then, place them in a visually appealing place where all your neighbors can see!

4. Hanging Herb Garden

Sometimes we get so plant-crazy, we run out of room in our garden on the ground. Well, worry no more! Fill the pockets of the shoe organizer with soil and plant your desired herbs! Wait a few weeks and you will have a vertical herb garden!  

3. Eggshells

Have you ever seen your old neighbors sprinkling pieces of eggshells around the base of their garden plants? This isn’t some hokey old wives’ tale—it really works! If you have leftover eggshells at the ready, crush them into small pieces until there are about the consistency of cupcake sprinkles. Eggshells are full of calcium, which is a nutrient that all living things need.  

2. DIY Flower Garden

Alter the landscape of your garden by reusing old wooden pallets as either vertical or horizontal gardens! Wood pallets are easy to come by, just ask someone who is no longer using them, or visit your local Home Depot for cheap pallets! Make sure that your pallet is marked with an “HT” for heat treated, instead of chemically dried. Scrub the pallet down with bleach and take out any rusty nails. Then, fill the pallets with dirt and plant accordingly!  

1. Moss Graffiti


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